WD Hard Drive from Newegg

Has anyone else purchased the following hard drive from Newegg?

Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive ?

I received 2 of these today, and neither one of them was in a box. They were in bubble wrap... is this because it's an OEM drive?

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  1. yes son. OEMs dont include the retails stuff such as the box and cables
  2. Same here, I got my Caviar SE 300Gb from Newegg as OEM. It's only the hard drive itself inside a box with bubble wrap. But I got some extra sata cables that comes with my mobo, so that why I only needed the unit itself. Saved some few buck as well. :D
  3. I have a question regarding the "3.0GB" description of the drive.
    I have mine installed and up & running right now, but in the BIOS it is reading that it is SATA, not SATAII and the performance is basically the same for me (so far) as the Seagate 250GB Ultra ATA sitting right above it in my case.....

    What gives?

    Currently, the set-up for the system is"
    AMD Opteron @ 2.4Ghz
    2x1GB G.Skill Extreme DDR500 in Dual Channel
    Asrock Dual SATAII MOBO
    XFX 6600GT

    I'm seeing great performance from all of my components, but the HDD's are less than awe-inspiring. :cry:
  4. well when it says "3.0 gb/s" that's actually the interface speed, the maximum speed that can go through the sata cable and the sata bus. That translates to 300 megabytes per second. The thing is that even the fastest of the fast hard drives dont go much over, if any, over 100 mb/s so by getting a sata 3gb/s interface, you aren't actually going any faster. That's why you wont see a difference between sata I and sata II, or even sometimes U-ATA or P-ATA, since they run in 100 mb/s and 133 mb/s. Your hard drive is always gonna be the bottleneck in the system but the hard drives you got are really nice ones. My friend has one of them and it works great, there's been great reviews everywhere about it too.
  5. I have three together in Raid 0 on my system

    Each came in bubble wrap housed inside foam with a little 'door' that you opened to get the drive out of.

    I get uncached HDD speeds of 161 mb/sec so I am extremly happy with the purchase.
    I got mine for $111 USD each back in December

    My friends who purchased Raptors hate me now
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