Zalman 9500 Flatness Problems Fixed ?

hi, i'm a new member.

i still have the classic Tom's Hardware Motherboard Tsunami article on my home page

i read a review on the Zalman 9500 a while ago. it commented that the base was slightly warped. a big no-no for what was supposed to be a super high quality heatsink.

these have a thermal resistance of about .12 degrees C per watt, which is superb, one of the lowest numbers for air-cooled heat sinks.

of course, if the base is slightly warped, it's a moot point.

has any body gotten one of these lately ? is the bottom all super-flat the way it should be ?

thanks !
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  1. well what you could do is just sand it down with a very fine grit sandpaper but if ti was really bad id level it grind it to that point with a circular sander and just keep sanding for a long time or id just rma it.
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