liquid nitrogen in liquid cooling system

what do you think about this idea?
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  1. Wouldn't it freeze the tubes?
  2. Plus if you have ever seen liquid nitrogen... it boils realy easy in fact the containers they store it in have to vent or they would burst ! very hard stuff to work with but I think I remember something about the early cray XMP units being liquid nitrogen cooled ?
  3. Quote:
    what do you think about this idea?

    I've worked with auto-delivery LN2 systems a bit. They can be a pain in the butt, but you're talking some serious cooling capacity! Personally, I'd not do it for a PC. I'm just not interested in systems where condensation is a big problem. For sure, there are many different workarounds, but I'm just not in the mood to mess with it. I've read stories of people trashing their CPU with LN2 when the computer lost power and the thermal shock killed the CPU. I'd be interested to know if this is a real problem with exotic cooling solutions like LN2.
  4. Yeah, I remember reading an article here about some company in Sweden or someplace that made this crazy PC cooler, I forget exactly how it worked, but they had this whole section on how to set it up correctly to prevent condensation. Generally, I feel condensation=water inside case=bad idea.
  5. It would destroy all components, so you better dont try :)
  6. I work in a la we use LN2 to freeze stem cells. One volume of liquid nitrogen will expand to produce 696.5 equivalent volumes of gas thus causing rapid suffocation. Spill any LN2 onyourself you will regret it.

    -209 degrees C... kinda close to 0 kelvin.... kinda the temperature when electrons stop moving.... kinda need electricity to power a PC??
  7. Yeah when I worked for FBS (Florida Blood Services) they would pack up these boxes of blood and blood products in dry ice for me to haul... well procedure is for me to ask "Is there any dry ice in these" since they are sealed and all of them are cold I couldnt tell by looking. Sometimes they would tell me "hmm no... no dry ice today" wich was nice becouse in the summer having AC is nice when its 109F outside... well lets just say after about 30 minutes of driving with the windows up and dry ice evaporating in your car you get this nasty headache... This all has to do with that volume thing the other person mentioned and I can attest you would need some realy good ventilation to prevent you from suffocating.
  8. Quote:
    -209 degrees C... kinda close to 0 kelvin.... kinda the temperature when electrons stop moving.... kinda need electricity to power a PC??

    Not really that close to absolute zero. It wasn't until relatively recently that they even developed materials that would superconduct at temperatures as "high" as the boiling point of nitrogen (and superconductivity is, among other things, really impressive movement of electrons, so what does that tell you?). LN2 isn't going to stop your computer from getting power by being too cold, though it might kill it from overly rapid temperature changes, condensation, and similar.

    At my Uni, our physics and chemistry departments get together for yearly "liquid nitrogen parties." Last one I was at, they took a computer, just dunked the processor (a P4) for a few seconds, popped it in, and fired it up at >5Ghz, which it was able to load Windows at before crashing. Was moderately coll, but totally useless otherwise. Filling plastic soda bottles with a little bit of the liquid nitrogen is so much more fun of a use for it (note: I claim no responsibility for anything that happens as a result of you doing this, as you can, realistically, kill yourself if you're stupid about it).
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