Adding a print server killed my internet

My network consists of a DSL modem connected to a SMC wireless router (802.11b) and a network cable running upstairs, which connects to a switch. There is is 2 computers hooked up to the switch.

The problem is that I replaced my switch with a router that was sitting around (D-link DI-704p, older one) That particular router had a print server function, and has a built in 4 port switch. I replaced my switch with it, setted up 3 computers so that it could use the printer connected to the router.
Computer A and B is running Windows ME and uses wired connection. The notebook (dell C400) uses wireless networking. I installed the printer server software and did what the instructions said. Computer A, could get on the internet, but can't print. Computer B could print, but can't get on the internet. Laptop couldn't connect to the internet, but because its network is wireless, it doesn't go through the D-link router. I didn't try the printer because I was already fed up. I pinged the router, and it responded without loss, all the compouters are visible on the network. So the network actually works, but why didn't the internet work? I restarted both of the computers several times. I put my old switch back and everything was fine again. Any ideas? There are a total of 5 computers on the network, but I haven't done anything to the other two. If you need model numbers, or specifications for the computers to diagnose the problem, please ask. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Try changeing the mode of the second router . Change it from router to gateway.

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  2. make sure the dhcp is disabled on the router you dont have the dsl hooked up to. then release and refresh the ips on your computers.

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