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So I've decided I want a TV tuner card for my PC, and the information out there is just damn confusing. I was wondering if anyone here could help :)
here are my requirements:

- Analog TV tuner (uk)
- able to record tv straight to HDD in reasonable resolution + useful format
- i'd like to be able to stick my xBox into it (what's the technical name for those red/ yellow/ white connectors?) but this isn't a huge priority.
-reasonably cheap - say less than $70 / £40

Thanks a lot guys.

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  1. Why do you want an analog tuner when the world is going digital?

    Have a look here, this is the brand of card I have.
    I have the Fusion HDTV DVB-T Plus model, it has Analog video capture (VCD/SVCD/DVD).

    I've seen cheaper cards, but not as good a quality as this one.
    Have a read through this thread.
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