6600 LE instead of GT !? PLZ help

So I just changed my graphic card. From 9800 pro to 6600 GT.
It is a Gainward 6600GT 256mb on AGP.
I installed the card. Everything runs ok. It has 8 pipelines, the clocks are
2D: 300/900
3D: 500/900

But when i install the drivers it everywhere says 6600 LE !? In display properties, rivatuner, everest 3Dmark 05, everywhere.
But when I start my computer the first screen says 6600GT vbios and so on...

Can someone help me to fix this annoyance?

Oh and the benchmarks are all on 6600 GT level.
I allready reinstalled and tried diferent drivers.
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  1. Quote:
    Oh and the benchmarks are all on 6600 GT level.
    Then why do you care? If it performs like a 6600GT, it is a 6600GT.
  2. Sure, sure i agree. But why is it installed as 6600 le ?
    Any ideas how to fix this?
    As i said, it isn`t a problem. It`s simply annoying...
  3. I really don't know...Might it have been flashed, but than the BIOS would've read LE. Bah, I don' know.

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