X1900 won't boot, help me!

Hi! I have just bought an HIS x1900 crossfire (just the master) and put it in my mobo, connect the 6pin molex from the Power Supply, power on (the two red led are on for a second after they remain off, the green led near the fan is always off) and after some seconds I hear 1 long and 8 short beep (from ami bios it seems some problem with the video card), no bios or post, nothing on the monitor, the pc seems freezed. Sometimes after 10-15 reboot I have one normal boot (the green led now is on) but this afternoo I haven't this luck. What do you think? I tried to change the pci express slot, the power cable, turn off the dvd and HD, nothing. I can't try other video card or this card into another pc, any help can be useful. My specs:

2x1gb Adata
opteron 170
Lc-power 560W Titan

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  1. Just becouse this asrock costs less than other motherboards and the x1900 crossfire master costs me a lot less the market price (if it will work :) ). I know lots of people with the asrock and x1900 even in crossfire, so I think mobo isn't the problem, i think :)
  2. Yes, tested in the other pci express slot, same result :(
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