CPU Upgrade P4 - Pd940 3.2

Im looking to upgrade my current system:

P4 3.0Ghz HT
1Gb ddram
Geforce 6600GT
Asus P4p800 se
X-fi Elite pro

As you can see its not pci express and most components except the sound card arnt really top of the line.

I would like to move to the pci express which would involve me replacing all but the sound card ( i would want to move to ddr2 aswell)

Ive been looking around and ive seen this cpu Pentium D 940 3.2 dual core

Is this a good cpu for gaming? is it worth the money to upgrade now or should i wait, and do you think that is a fair price for that cpu? or could i gett an equivilant amd performing cpu for less, i get confused between the 2, and i am not a fan boy of either.

Also can someone update me on the latest socket for amd and intel, so can get and understaning of whats old, and whats coming.
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  1. If you can possibly stand pat for even three more months, I would, as Conore (intel's next dual core) should be out in July, and will likely drastically outperform the current 9xx series, as well as nearly everything else.....
  2. well that would be great, but i am unable to fold out for the latest processors, and im guessing conroe will be £600?
  3. Pricing of current and projected pricing of future Intel processors.

    The 2.4GHz E6600 should be the best deal at $316 while lowered models are projected down to $209.

    The original article is here:
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