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I just built a computer and I am having a problem with the system booting. It is not even booting bios. At first boot it seems like the system posts halfway. I am getting a high low high low beep, sounds like a siren. The monitor activates for a second, no actual posting data though and then the system shuts down.

Intel 945GGNTLKR, 945G chipset, 775 socket, (Built in Video)
Pentium D 820 Box with included Intel fan, 2.8GHz
Serial ATA HD
2 gigs of PQI DDR2 memory 533mhz
DVD and Floppy drive
PCIE Video Card - EVGA 256mb 7600
Antec TruePower 2.0 380w PSU

I have mounted everything correctly as I have double checked all connections. I tried troubleshooting by re-mounting the CPU and Fan, Re-mounting the memory, re-mounting just 1 stick of the memory, plugging the power connections in securely. I even pulled the baterry to clear CMOS. I have also tried it with the DVD and Floppy disconnected. I have tried plugging the monitor into the installed PCIE video card, no luck. I have also un-installed the video card and tried running the onboard video, no luck. I am completely stumped. I dont no why I am getting no monitor output or bios boot. Any ideas please? Thank you.
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  1. The siren indicates CPU overheat. Do you have the CPU fan plugged into the correct header (it's the plug along the top edge of the board). And is the fan turning? If not, the BIOS may be detecting that and sounding the siren and shutting the PC down.
  2. Quote:
    Pentium D 820 Box with included Intel fan, 2.8GHz

    I had a similiar issue and it turned out the retail box heatsink was not correctly installed and needed a bit more force to snap into the mobo mounting holes - not the most comfortable thing to do is force anything on a mobo install 8O but it worked.
  3. Wanted to update the forum and thank the posts. The problem was in fact the fan was not seated completely. Once I made sure the fan was clicked in on all 4 pegs, the system started up just fine.

  4. Yeah those nasty CPU coolers.... we need easier-to-install ones. I cringe every time.
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