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whats the diff between these 2 x800gto cards

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April 30, 2006 2:25:41 AM

Okay im confused. these are both x800gto from newegg. But the one with a 475 core clocks is $155 and the one with 400 core clock is $170. CAn someone explain this to me? heres the links.

will the x800gto out perform a x800gt? AGP to.

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April 30, 2006 5:28:30 AM

I've been wondering the same thing. I checked Powercolor's site, and it is infact 475 mhz core. I wonder if that particular AGP X800GTO is not an RV430 core. If anyone else has any info, do tell. I've been trying to choose between an X800 GTO or a 6800 GS lately.
April 30, 2006 6:16:52 AM

The difference is one is OEM, other is RETAIL.

Retail willl give you more in the package, OEM is only Hardware and drivers.

If your thinking of getting a Video card now. Make sure it lasts till DX10 is out. So don't burst your bubble now on cash, save it.

I have sent back my eVGA 6800gs. Because of the fact that is wasn't the greatest card to get @ $225 bucks. 2nd, it had a few bugs. But way better then my 9700pro graphics though. I can't f'n wait to get my money back to go for another card!!

But with a 7600gt at $180 as well as x850, I’ll have $45 left over for a mobo, well, I’m forken over 40 more for PCI, I’d be stupid not too!!

The best bang for your buck right now since you 2 are still agp is the x800gto.

But what I am doing, even though I have a brand new AGP board, is going to PCI. Look at the prices on PCI. You can't beat it. So anyone needing a new Jetway 939, PM me. Works well with my Opteron 144.

Upgrading my board, since I don't need nor want SLI or Crossfire is $79 for nForce 4 board, $179 for x850. What you guys are looking into for AGP is about that cost, $180 for 7600gt.

So next week, I will be doing the same thing you 2 are doing. But really, look at the cost of going to PCI and look at the cost of the cards. A x850xt is $300 on AGP.

Even though the x850xt is old hardware, it still rocks, no sm 3 though. I may even go with the x1800xt at $250+.

All depends, but will look at my options now that I will go to PCI. I will not break the bank since DX10 is on the horizon. Any $170 + PCI card will rock till then though!!
April 30, 2006 6:00:44 PM

X800GTO will beat X800GT in everything. Don't bother with X800GT.

The difference is OEM and Retail like Aceprowler. I say go for the OEM version to save some money and get little better performance.

Neither of the cards shown are X800GTs; they're both GTOs, just at different clock speeds. The powercolor is 475/900 and the Sapphire is 400/980. I'm thinking that the powercolor may somehow have an RV420 core (The core used in PCI X800 GTO/2s), instead of the usual RV480. Any takers on this? If it is an RV420, I may just decide to get it over a 6800 GS.