whats the diff between these 2 x800gto cards

Okay im confused. these are both x800gto from newegg. But the one with a 475 core clocks is $155 and the one with 400 core clock is $170. CAn someone explain this to me? heres the links.


will the x800gto out perform a x800gt? AGP to.
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  1. I've been wondering the same thing. I checked Powercolor's site, and it is infact 475 mhz core. I wonder if that particular AGP X800GTO is not an RV430 core. If anyone else has any info, do tell. I've been trying to choose between an X800 GTO or a 6800 GS lately.
  2. The difference is one is OEM, other is RETAIL.

    Retail willl give you more in the package, OEM is only Hardware and drivers.

    If your thinking of getting a Video card now. Make sure it lasts till DX10 is out. So don't burst your bubble now on cash, save it.

    I have sent back my eVGA 6800gs. Because of the fact that is wasn't the greatest card to get @ $225 bucks. 2nd, it had a few bugs. But way better then my 9700pro graphics though. I can't f'n wait to get my money back to go for another card!!

    But with a 7600gt at $180 as well as x850, I’ll have $45 left over for a mobo, well, I’m forken over 40 more for PCI, I’d be stupid not too!!

    The best bang for your buck right now since you 2 are still agp is the x800gto.

    But what I am doing, even though I have a brand new AGP board, is going to PCI. Look at the prices on PCI. You can't beat it. So anyone needing a new Jetway 939, PM me. Works well with my Opteron 144.

    Upgrading my board, since I don't need nor want SLI or Crossfire is $79 for nForce 4 board, $179 for x850. What you guys are looking into for AGP is about that cost, $180 for 7600gt.

    So next week, I will be doing the same thing you 2 are doing. But really, look at the cost of going to PCI and look at the cost of the cards. A x850xt is $300 on AGP.

    Even though the x850xt is old hardware, it still rocks, no sm 3 though. I may even go with the x1800xt at $250+.

    All depends, but will look at my options now that I will go to PCI. I will not break the bank since DX10 is on the horizon. Any $170 + PCI card will rock till then though!!
  3. Quote:
    X800GTO will beat X800GT in everything. Don't bother with X800GT.

    The difference is OEM and Retail like Aceprowler. I say go for the OEM version to save some money and get little better performance.

    Neither of the cards shown are X800GTs; they're both GTOs, just at different clock speeds. The powercolor is 475/900 and the Sapphire is 400/980. I'm thinking that the powercolor may somehow have an RV420 core (The core used in PCI X800 GTO/2s), instead of the usual RV480. Any takers on this? If it is an RV420, I may just decide to get it over a 6800 GS.
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