Question about Crossfire Edition Card?

I would really appreciate it if someone could answer this question for me. I understand that you would need a crossfire edition card along with say a 1900xt/xtx to run crossfire but my question is this:

Can I run a crossfire edition card solo (meaning no regular x1900) or does this have to be the second card added.

Reason being is I can get a really good deal on the crossfire edition card but I dont want to fork out the cash for 2 cards just yet. Also please just stick to the question and lets not turn this into a thread discussing why I should get an nvidia card instead ok.

Thanks in advance for any help
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  1. Yes you can run the master card alone....
  2. Well that pretty much sums it up 8O
  3. I would recommend buying a nvidia card..
  4. Quote:
    i would recommend leaving and never coming back. learn to read before posting.

    about to agree with you, but then i read you sig... :D

    seriously: @bnot don't tell BS if you don't provide evidence with it
  5. Unless the deal is really a KILLER deal that you can't pass, then I'd recommending buying none and getting an HD3850 which will outperform mostly anything out there.
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