SimpleTech 160GB HDD not being detected... very urgent...


My 160 GB external HDD is not being detected by either windows or MAC... usually it was just a plug and play thing... i used to plug the external hard disk, switch it on and there i could see it either on the explorer or the Finder in MAC... now its not working on both... i switched the USB 2.0 cables and confirmed tht the cable is also working... is there a way to see what is the problem... i need to get this done over the weekend...

please help and replyy as soon as possible...

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  1. Let me try to undertsand.

    Its the the system USB ports cause tried tried two.
    Its note the cable cause you tried two.


    Power it up and listen very carefully. Does it sound different? Do you hear the "click of death".


    If it doesn't void your waranty you can open it up, pop out the drive and test it internally with a utility.

    You can also try replacing the internal data cable PATA and testing the internal power connector with a multimeter. Ren = 5v Yellow = 12 Connected to either black.


    If its a notebook hard drive you can't test it without a special adapter. A IDE/notebook to USB 2.0 adapter sells on newegg for under $30


    Do you need the data on the drive badly or do you need an external drive up and running in a hurry?

    If the drive is bad and its a 3.5" you can pop in another 3.5" as a replacment.
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