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Does anybody have a clue where these things are still in stock at a sub $200 to $200 price? I'm preferably looking for a good, cheap BFG, EVGA, or XFX 6800 GS. Though, it looks like I may have to settle for a PNY one. Does anybody have any clue if they're a reputable company?
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  1. Yeah, those things are hard to find. I think they are out of production. You know what, the 7600GT is a replacement for the 6800GS and is said to perform better. From all the feedback ive seen the 7600GT is a better card. They are in the same price range. If you look at newegg, or zipzoomfly you can get some 7600GT's for around $169. I suggest you go with that. As for PNY they are a good company and offer good GPU's. Ive had a 7900GT from them which was highly overclockable and worked without a hitch. They offer 3 year warranty, and have good suport from my experience. The XFX 7600 GT is also available for $169 at newegg. :D
  2. I appreciate the advise. Though, I'm only looking for AGP cards at the moment.
  3. Oh ok, well in that case it seems the only model under $200 is the PNY one. Like I said in my above post PNY is a reputable company and Ive had great experiences with them. Take a look at this link. The 6800GS AGP for $179
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