Wire-mesh case window?

I'm getting ready to build my first gaming rig and had a plan to cut two windows in the side panel (one along the top and one along the bottom leaving the center portion clear for an artistic design of some kind) and covering these windows in a wire mesh, with an an opening for a fan in each.
Now I was talking to a friend about my plan and he argued that I should keep my case as airtight as possible and that a mesh window would disrupt my air flow.

So my question is: is my friend right? Is my idea of having more openings for fresh air to waft in going to to make it tougher for my fans to get new air to my vid card and processor?
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  1. It depends, if those fans are blowing cool air towards the motherboard, cpu, ram and other major heat source then it should be fine. I did it to my case (Thermaltake Kandalf) side door panel. I got one 80mm fan blowing air towards the HSF and one 120mm fan blowing towards my 7800GTX SLI. I got better cooling results to my cpu and graphics cards.
  2. My CoolerMaster case(s) all have fine wire mesh fronts....my CM Stacker even has wire mesh on the side and bottom.

    My Optron (2.0 OC'ed to 2.8Ghz) in the CM Sacker has cpu temps in a 20C room:

    CPU 23C
    PWMIC 24C
    Chipset 30C

    Benchmarks @ 100% cpu...
    CPU 33/34C
    PWMIC 25C
    Chipset 32C

    Only useing the amount of fans that came with the case.
    So much for the idea of a "tight" case!
  3. Right, that tight case thing is not really necessary. Even if you have no case at all for as long as you got a fan blowing cool air towards the heat source like the cpu, ram, gpu, hd and etc. it should be fine.
  4. if u have mesh above the HSF it wont mattter, it will be fine, prolly beter since some air flow is directed toward the HSF, if ur HSF pulls air in the mesh would just give it fresh air to pull in, if it pushes air out, the mesh would work as an exasut.

    either way its a good idea.

    what case is this?

    This is the case I'm pretty sure I'm going to get. Good reviews, a plain box just begging to be customized, and cheap enough that it I totally screw something up while cutting it wont be that big of a loss.
    My only concern about it is the handle on the side panel and that is seems to be pretty close to where the CPU would sit preventing me from placing a fan right over it.

    Another thing that's been tickling my mind is how everyone is saying to point a fan at my CPU. I'm not contesting that, but what has me puzzled is that the fan that will sit on top of my processor is blowing away from the the chip, so wouldn't placing a fan on above it (relative to the CPU) on the side panel blowing in do something screwy with the air flow? Simply put, there are two fans blowing at each other, is this stupid, or am I disillusioned as to how I'm supposed to get air to my processor?

    Thanks for the advice thus far guys.
  6. hmm spend a bit mor emoney

    Cooler master Centurion series, MUCH better

    CM series

    its a vast pricerange, look better, better build quality
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