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lets say your mobo only had 2 fan headers on it is there any way u can up that?
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  1. Buy a 4 pin molex adapter, hooks to a lead from your PS.
  2. If you have multiple 3-pin speed sensing fans consider a fan controller like these from vantec they are relatively inexpensive for PWM controllers.
  3. is there any other way, maybe like a splitter, converts 1 3pin header to 2?
  4. Yes they have 3-pin F to 2xM connectors like this cheap one from jabtech

    but you have to be careful with your fan selection or you may burn out the mobo header if they are too powerful - and maybe the rpm sensor will be confused if both are connected at the same time.

    Check out this 4pin molex to 4 x 3-pin fan header adapter it seems to have just a single rpm header to connect to the mobo for the single fan connector - pretty cool
  5. yah, lets not burn anything, fan controller it is :)
  6. That's the same one I have on my pc. I disabled the speaker by destroying it, cause it needs a fan on which it can detect the rpm on, or else it would just beep, so I pried it off. Other than that it controls my 120mm hd fan, 120mm exhaust fan and 90mm exhaust fan. :D
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