Help me choose a Graphics Card

Hi All.

Its time for me to upgrade my graphics card.
This is what I have :

AMD 3500+
Asrock Dual SATA II MB
2 Gigs RAM
Geforce 6800GT (AGP)

I'm getting rid of the AGP card and getting a new PCI Express Card
the MB suppoorts both.

My pc is mainly a gaming rig, I just dont know what card to get?
Whats the best bang for my buck.
I have always had Nvidia cards so I dont know much about ATI.
But i will consider any chip manufacturer.

I was looking at the Nvidia 7900GT, its not that expensive.
Have only looked at two brands: Asus and XFX

There are two Asus cards one a higher clock speed than the other.
There is also two XFX card with different clock speeds.

I dont know what to get. All suggestions are welcome ATI,Nvidia......
I would also prefer a card with HDTV out.

Please help
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  1. My 9800XT was Asus, I didnt have a problem with it...
  2. Quote:
    Go for either 7900GT or X1800XT. Both are in the $300US price range.

    As for a brand, for nVidia go for eVGA. For ATI look for HIS, Sapphire. I wouldn't touch Asus.

    I agree :-D

    If you want OpenGL performance and non-windoze compatibility go with nVidia.

    If you want D3D performance and windoze only go with ATI.
  3. x1800xt, no doubt. it smashes nvidia in most benchmarks, and has much better inage quality. also, you can get one with 512mb vram for under 300 now at newegg.
  4. personally evga 7900gt ko would be my choice, but x1800 series is pretty gd
  5. Quote:
    if your not willing to spend money on the 1900 go with the 1800. oh and you don't get an ATI or nvidia card with an HDtv out AFAIK. they are capable of it just can't play offical content due to DRM restrictions.

    DRM sux
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