TT Tai Chi, TT Armor, Lexa, or CM Stacker 830?

I can get the TT Tai chi for $330 with $50 MIR, Armor for $155 ($20 MIR), and the NZXT Lexa for a dollar or two under $130. I never even considered the Tai Chi until I saw that I could get it for so cheap after rebate. Do you all think the Tai chi (non-water-cooled model) is worth $280? Also, I just found the CM Master Stacker for $254. All of the prices I listed above are including shipping. Tell me what you all think.
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  1. tai chi, it pwns, u can install the water cooling later if u want, its nice.

    the taichi or the lexa

    armor is good too. armor is a taichi with out alot of features

    lexa is a midtower thsoe are all full towers so u cant compare a full with a mid
  2. Go for a lian li case..

    Tai Chi is great for Thermaltakes own watercooling kit.. not ideal for custom WC.

    I got a CM Stacker 830, too small aswell imo.. Go for the Lian Li V2000 or V2100 x_X I bought the 2100
  3. The main reason I'm consider the TT Tai Chi is that it has a $50 MIR, bringing it down to $280. I believe that's the lowest I've seen it. Oh, yeah, it's ending today as well. So, if I'm going to get it, I have to decide today. Meh. I hate hard decisions like this.
  4. Taichi is good, if u want liquid coooling.

    this si better
  5. Here's a review/cmparison of the air cooled Tai Chi and the Stacker 830 if you're interested.
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