How does ATI overdrive work? And do I need ATI Tool?

So I got my new x1800xt 512.

I owned an ATI a while back and I remember using ATI Tool to overclock it.

So I run it, and it says my core is 600 Mhz and my memory is 700 Mhz (even though newegg advertised it as core 650 and memory 750).

So I run it and find my best stable values: 660 and 770. Not much but something.

Now I discovered that the new catalysts have the "overdrive" feature.

When I select the 660 and 770 clocks in it, it says "requested: 660" "current: 599"...

Wtf does that mean? How does it work? Do I still need ATI Tool?
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    Don't bother with overdrive. Get the latest beta version 0.25 Beta 14. And use the 6.3 version of catalyst or the Omega Drivers.

    Give this go and see how it is.
  2. Once you start a 3d app it goes up to the 625 and 750 it should be at. It slows down in 2d since it's not needed. The overdrive works fine for me, I'm running with a requested 690 and 800 and it runs at 687 and 799. Good enough for me, Doom III maxed at 1600x1200 smoth as silk, and Oblivion maxed at 1280x1024 smoothly.
  3. Quote:
    Don't bother with overdrive.

    Care to explain why?
  4. I don't run CCC, to bulky for my liking, so I don't have overdrive on either of my systems for that reason.
    I've read of other people having problems with overclocking the GPU on there systems with overdrive, where as I've had no problems with AtiTool.
  5. Man, that's nothing! LOL.. I called in to Best Buy and gave them their SKU number for an Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 512mb, DDR2, AGP, and they told me to go to Downingtown, PA to pick it up because they have it there right now... So I payed my freind 20 bucks to drive me there, hastily of course, and when I arrive they tell me they don't have that card, which boasts 725MHz core and 800MHz memory, but they do have the "VisionTec HD 2400 PRO, and he said it's got 800Mhz so it's faster.... I believed this because it's also on the box. However, when I got the 2400 home, threw it in my machine wearing rubber bracelets, cranked it up and installed latest drivers, I noticed one small detail I can't seem to forget about. This card according to the numbers showing in its own software (Enable ATi Overdrive™) section, has a default GPU core speed of 450... and default Memory speed is 400..... Is it okay to blatently LIE like this??? Nevertheless, I am obviously returning this junk. Unbelievably, the OLD OLD school NVidia GEForce FX-5200, 128mb, is FASTER and performs much better as well. What an upgrade. NOT.

    I just ordered the Sapphire listed above, and I'll have to see what happens.

    According to my research, if anyone lands here and this helps, The BEST graphics card / video card for a system running DDR2 memory type and has an AGP slot, now comes down to two cards as follows. (NOTE: This personal opinion was obtained by trying every card, hands on, as I go, and I'm testing specifically for gaming)

    Choice #1)
    NVidia GEForce 7600 GS (which is more honest, and judging by the 6200A I tried will probably be the best one available)

    Choice #2)
    Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 512mb AGP DDR2 (which is on it's way to me as I type and I am hoping the 725mhz core speed is truthful from Sapphire, unlike VisionTek.)

    Both are currently supporting drivers at Sapphire and NVidia sites.

    Hope this helps some for all those people who thought AGP was still the cat's meow, or just think AGP looks cooler than PCI-e when given the option for their new motherboard.
  6. Are you joking JOBE? AGP? Seriously?
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