Forum Member Rigs Post Here !!!!! ... with pics Plz

Hello all !!

plz post your Rig with Pics

dont matter if its cruddy or not

feel free to explain why and the time spent on making your Rig

thx !!

here is mine

AMD 64 3200+ @ 2.4 ghz
Asus A8n-Sli
Evga 6800gs @ 490/1.1 mem
Corsair XMS (pc3200)
ultra dragon case
5 - 80mm Fans
Ultra 500 watt PSU
Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro ( 64 )
LG CD-Rom Drive
sound blaster Live !

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  1. Looks cool, ultra / chenming / antec very similiar... all good quality 8)

    My gateway server and game machine - one used to be a "dx2-66" server and the other a PIII 500.

    The game box again, after I gutted it and put in my PCP&C 510 ATX and the EVGA 7800GT w/ free EVGA 133-K8-NF41 deal for $330, was too hard to resist....

    Installed the nice evga IDE cables - well at least I don't have a side window... The sanyo denki "san ace" fan is noticeably wide here. Yes the fan at the bottom and on the power supply inside are zip-tied :lol: many, many zip ties since the power supply had a plethora of connectors - and the fan controller is a jungle inside the bay

    The rear shot, my hacksaw skills are poor since I could not get the ATX rear i/o shield on there <shrug> you can see the fan controller rat's nest a bit. oh good the hacksawed portion isn't visible :wink:

    All finished - gotta love the eye candy from the gatewatch...

    The DX2 is now a dual PIII 1ghz linux box firewall / gateway / workstation - no pics, kinda boring...

    edit: my specs
    A64 X2 3800 w/ Zalman 7000/EVGA 133-K8-NF41/Gateway 500 tower/PCP&C 512ATX/2x1gb PDP(patriot)DDR400 2-3-2-5/EVGA 7800GT/1x200gb,2x250gb/1xdvdrw,1xcd/SB live
  2. lol its ok

    Nice Rigs Doolittle , i was hoping to make a Server for my Lan Partys

    -i just painted my case today

    -thats y its black

    im going to put some White Noens and some better fans

    i would like to see more rigs !!!!

    - nice gatewatch !
  3. anybody know where i can get some White Neon Lights ???

    i want to Pimp My Rig

    - not to Pimp

    - just a relax kind of Feel
  4. Ok. I'll bite..

    ASPIRE X-Navigator Silver
    AMD Opteron 170
    G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 500 (PC 4000)
    XFX Geforce 7900GTX
    FSP Group (Fortron Source) 600W All-In-One
    Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000 SATA150
    Western Digital Caviar 250GB 7200 SATA 3.0Gb/s
    NEC 16X DVD±R
  5. awesome - X-nav's are really well made, I got mine for the internal HDD capacity for a fileserver - similiar to yours but w/ black and blue / gray / yellow swapable front panels.

    my favorite is the one with the new parts still in the boxes 8) time to get busy :P
  6. Is that an exhaust or intake on the side panel?

    Nice rig by the way.
  7. When you get the rig the fan setup is thus

    Front fan - Intake
    Side fan - Exaust
    2 Back Fan - Exaust
    Top Fan - Exaust

    I did switch the side fan so it was an intake which serves 2 purposes.

    1 - Helps keep the vid card cool as well
    2 - Creates more airflow becuase the single front fan doesn't pull air in fast enough.
  8. Freakin Sweet Rig

    im working on my Rig for some Long overdo Modding



    i got some Flat Black Spray Paint and Vwolla

  9. My son's game box, and a great backup if my gateway is down for maintenance...

    A64 3700 w/ CM hyper 48/Gigabyte GA-K8U-939/CM Centurion 5/FSP AX450-PN 450W/2x1gb Gskill DDR400 2-3-2-5/BFG6800GT/2x80gb/1xdvd,1xcd

    CM Centurion 5 - quiet and cool.

    Dropped in the PS, mobo and cpu w/ the heatsink.

    man the FSP sure creates a rat's nest - Where the heck do I put all those wires?!? Glad I got that bulk pak of zip ties...

    lotsa miles on that BFG... starting to hate that gpu fan - everything else is almost silent.

    All done - first time in a while I have not had a personal build where I was not drilling or sawing out parts of the case to make things fit. Felt like something was missing...
  10. i love those Cent 5 cases

    there a good price for the kind of Quality they have

  11. I must say the Centurion (sp?) is an awesome case. I have one and i love it. It has amazing quality for a $50 dollar case and it has great ventilation thanks to its mesh front (just need to put a better 120mm in the back as the stock one is crap).

    I will post picture of my setups tommorow.
  12. uber/someguy - I could not agree more, it is definitly an excellent value for your dollar.

    I thought I had some old pics of my X-nav file server - oh well I took a few new ones before heading out to work.

    File / print server
    P4 2.4 northwood/Tyan Trinity S2099GNN/Aspire X-Navigator w/ ATX-AS500W/2x512mb transcend DDR266 CL2/10xIDE hdds 80gb~300gb/2xpci ide raid/1xdvdrw,1xcdrw/1xcompaq pci sound

    It is tough to hide all the HDD wiring so why not make it look halfway presentable... braided cables and the sleeved power connectors helps a bit.

    I actually used all the connectors on the aspire 500w unit, and needed a few splitters at the bottom.

    Difficult to see, but the CPU heatsink needed some extra cooling, and the 60mm really could not keep up under full load - and I didn't have any P4 heatsinks at the time so I just grabbed a 60mm-80mm fan adaptor and an 80mm case fan I had laying around and created a dual fan heatsink - and it actually worked, was good for an extra 8 degrees cooler under full load.

    There is a ton of wiring hidden behind the drive bays, thank goodness :wink:
  13. Dang

    now thats a Server

    nice setup u got there

    - all those hard create alot of heat i bet ..

  14. I wish I could post my rig but alas I havent built it yet. Be assured though that I will post it
  15. Quote:
    - all those hard create alot of heat i bet ..

    you're not kidding, luckily 2 of the fan cages have a 60mm fan mount, it came with one at the bottom, I added the one above it and had to mod the case slightly to get the 3rd cage fan in there, and another to cool the drives in the 5 1/4 bays... so 8 fans total 8O 1 x 120mm, 3 x 80mm, 4 x 60mm - not exactly quiet, but keeps cool 24 x 7 - peace of mind 8)
  16. Here's my Aspire X-Qpack setups. The blue one is the Intel box, and the black is the AMD one. THey would have both been blue, but thanks to United-Micro they shipped the wrong one. :roll:

    For some reason I can't insert this pic - CLICK HERE

  17. This is my computer, proudly seated next to my lovely (but messy) antique desk.

    The belly of the beast. Try not to look at the mess of cables.

    Just in case you wanted to see my CPU cooler

    Note the white floppy drive in a black case :P:P:P:P:P:P. Admire my DVD burner (top) and DVD drive (bottom).
  18. I hate to ask this but how you put a picture in your message just cause I wanna get some opinions.
  19. u click the img button

    looks like this

    and there u go !
  20. Ok here is my setup. But first here are my specs.

    XFX 7800gt (factory oc to 450/1100ish)
    AMD 3700
    2gb of Patriot-mem at 2-3-2-5
    ASUS A8N-E
    Seagate 160gb sata hard drive
    Coolermaster Centurion
    Antec Neo power 480watt

    (all the following pictures can be expanded by clicking on them.

    My setup in all its mixed up glory. (you will see what i mean by mixed up in a second)

    Here is the front of my case, and yes that is a floppy drive. (i took the picture sideways)

    Here are the guts of my rig. Although the cables look poorly routed most of them are out of the path of the airflow.

    Here is a good overveiw of the interior.

    Here is why i call my computer mixed up. That monitor is an old monitor form a gateway 2000 (max res 1280x960), and those speakers are an old set of Altec Lansings I bought at a tag sale for $15 four years ago.

    But i wouldnt change anything about my computer (well unless someone handed me an FX60)

    To the above poster. If you want to post a pic you need to upload it to a file sharing website like and then you just copy the link that says thumbnail for forumss.
  21. Dang

    thats an Old Monitor

    other then that pretty good Setup u got there

    i like the Desk

    wish i hed one

    - stupid Picnic Table

  22. oh so it nees to be an http image? sucks
  23. Quote:
    That monitor is an old monitor form a gateway 2000

    Hey that will match my dx2/66 linux server perfectly 8)
  24. Well image hosting is free, here are a few to try... and someone mentioned it is cool it creates the tags in different formats for you when you upload the image - too convenient!
  25. Well I guess i have to post my rig also, heh. I really need to do some major cable management, the PSU has modular cabling whihc would make it easy, but I'm to lazy.

    Specs: AMD Athlon64 X2 4400+ w/ Zalman heatsink @ 37C full load - 2GB Kingston HyperX 2-2-2-5 - 2x 160GB Seagate's SATAII raid0 - 2x eVGA n518 7800GT's - Abit AN8 SLi mobo - Antec NEOHe 500Watt PS

    Bottom Half

    Top half / PSU

    Flash off to show colors

    Desk picture - old pic I now have medusa 5.1 surround headphones and a new D-Link Mimo router
  26. The AN8-SLI is awesome!!
  27. that rig is Sweet =]

    ehh wiring could be better

    :D !!!
  28. anymore rigs ?????????
  29. I'm waiting on an RMA'ed motherboard- FedEx should be here sometime today... If all goes well, I'll have some pics up- nothing special, though, but I am getting antsy- I've had my stuff for 3 weeks and I haven't been able to run it because of the mobo... :x

    fingers crossed...
  30. Sorry ,But There Is No Cam Here To Take A Picture Of My Rig ... :cry: :cry:
  31. Ive took pics of my rig, but i cant get them on the forumz :) :oops:
  32. ok, this is the pc.
    Sorry for the quality of the pics. The Canon is in the car....

  33. The heatsink supposed to be like that

    crazy !

    nice Rig u got there
  34. hahahh, even though i can't see half of the rigs on here, i can guarantee their amazing... mine is going to be the "worst" in terms of quality components:

    My power supply is from TASK international (it was unfortunately the best i could find (and heavy enough to qualify))

    My case is from BSC (Bin Shihoun Computers (aka Bull SH!T computers))

    so here goes:

    notice the handle on top: that is a recent "trend" here, all computer cases (not a single original to be found) have adopted this design

    open a full sized one of the picture below and you can see my CMOS reset switch beneath my rear exaust fan

    Amazing wiring:
    again, you can see the reset switch and an old ATI fan i put on my northbridge

    and the front of the case: you can see one of the drive bay covers i modified to allow air to flow over a hard disk in a 5.25" bay (only place where could put it near the CD-ROM)

  35. Well here are the pics..

    Ain't using the CM Stacker 830 no more tho, moved the stuff into a Lian Li V2100, still waiting watercooling stuff..
  36. Dang ...

    there's alot of Room in that case

    :D !!
  37. Quote:

    yeah. another mac fan! :D
  38. Quote:

    yeah. another mac fan! :D

    Heh i like the design/style mac has.. I use StyleXP, to have a Mac OS X-ish desktop.. i could use Yz Dock, btu that's just annoying when gaming :) (pop up of the dock when mouse hovers at the bottom)
  39. Here's most of mine:
  40. well its not much and its the only pic i got

    here are the specs:
    AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego @ 2.81ghz
    Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
    2gb (2x1gb) Corsair XMS @ DDR333 Timings:2-3-3-6
    1x Evga 7800gt CO SuperClocked
    Maxtor DiamondMax 10 SATA-150
    Plextor 740A DVD Burner
    Compaq DVD Drive
    unknown case brand, i needed a case quick so i went down to a local store and bought one came with a 500w power supply(cant afford a better one :( i'm only 16 and just got a speedingticket)

    that is a police LED light bar at the top of the case, i flickers and everything :)
  41. you seem to have a 1st domain controller and a 2st domain controller...

    btw, very nice network you have...

  42. Quote:
    Here's most of mine:

    Nice computer man.
    Why don´t you try to hide those cables?
  43. Well technically I have 2 regular domain controllers, as active directory no longer has pdc bdc, but I still think of them like that :)

    I have various services on them, kinda spread out since they aren't the fastest machines. Like WSUS on one, Symantec Corp AV 10 on the other, etc.
    Then my exchange server that I have to rebuild which will have a jabber server. And finally my web server will be rebuilt with a new phpBB forum, web based jabber client, and other nifty web stuff. All to be completed by 2020!!!!

    I do use this stuff as a test bed for thing I deploy at one of my employers, rather break mine than theirs!

    To PMR, I'm still working on that, too many projects, too few days, and way too many cables :)
  44. ok got my Neon lights in my case check it out !!

    AMD 64 3200+ @ 2.4ghz
    Evga 6800gs @ 490/1.100
    Corsair XMS @ 2-3-3-6 1t
    500watt PSU
    100gb maxtor DM 10 sata 150
    10gb western digital IDE -backup
    Arctic cooling arctic freezer Pro 64
    Lg Cd-rom Drive

    -enough fans to choke a small pony

    :D !!
  45. Enthusist G,

    You must have a wicked tan from your rig... :lol:

    Just kidding, looks nice man and bright!

    I'll take some pics tonight when I get home for your thread. I've been busy upgrading since you started it.
  46. from the looks of it your Sig seems to have a monster rig in it

    cant wait to see it :D
  47. Heres mine:


    Case Front (nice and plain... just the way I like it!):

    Case Side (about as bling bling as I like my case. I did have a tri color fan in the side until it died out):

    My pride and joy - 3D Connexion Controller:

    A little about my system:
    3.06 ghz P4 w/ Hyper Threading
    Asus P4T533-C Motherboard
    1 gig Rambus RAM
    120 gig internal HDD, 80 gig external HDD
    Sound Blaster Audigy2 Platinum
    ATI X850 Pro AGP over overclocked to an X850 XT Platinum w/ 16 piplelines
    20.1" Viewsonic VP201s LCD
    19" Hyundai B90A LCD
    16X DVD Drive (brand unknown)
    Asus Dual Layer DVD burner

    Other Stuff:
    3D Connexion Space Pilot
    Netgear wireless router
    Wacom 9x12 Intuous 3 tablet
    Monsoon Speakers and sub
    Logitech G5 Mouse
    Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro

    There isnt much to say about this system. I've been using it for about 4 years now and its been pretty good and reliable. My most recent upgrade was to replace my ATI All in Wonder 9600 Pro with the X850 Pro and then overclock and unlock 4 additional pipelines. That should be enough to hold me over for another year until I put down some big money for my next rig. This machine should get some good use as a media PC hooked up to the TV when that time comes.


    Almost forgot a crucial part to any computing setup - the chair!

    This baby is a Herman Miller. For those that havent heard of them, they are among the best office chairs money can buy. Fully adjustable and designed to be very ergonomic to help make those long sessions as comfortable and healthy as possible. A 12 year warranty is also included. Sure its expensive (around $900) but its a lot cheaper than a visit to the doctors office!
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