What parts? For a Quailty Watercooling Sys.

(me = Noobie, but an adaptive one at that)
ok as little as i offer the guru's of watercooling i must ask alot.
i would appreicate if you would only reply if you know for a fact that it truely kicks ass, and you have delt with it and others before.
I guess i need :
1) CPU block
2) Pump
3) GPU block
4) Radiator/heater core
5) Tubing
6) Additives
7) Reservoir
8) other stuff.
9) VGA+memory modules Block (for Evga 7800 GT)-optional

I was told that there are various types of systems ways to set them up but i have an Asus Vento 3600 Mid tower. I am trying to find a solution for under 300 bucks. I would like it to be very sturdy good cooling and long lasting. Preferably visually attractive, but not needed. I would preferably love it to be Internal I have some space but not a whole lot i can clean it up a little in there. I have seen some big companies like corsair,gigabyte, and etc. put out cooling systems. Most of them look like crap. I want a Basic Mid-High Quailty cooling System preferably internal. I cant find answers anywhere else maybe you guys can help me out.

My rig:
Asus Vento 3600
AMD 64 x2 3800
Corsair xms LED 2x512 Dual channel
Evga 7800 GT CO SE
WD 250gig IDE 7200rpm
Right now Zalman 9500 on CPU
NEC dvd burner and etc.
Antec Truepower 2 550watt PS
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  1. 300 dollars is a pretty big budget for a kick ass watercooling loop

    cpu block: swiftech storm
    pump: lain d5 (swiftech 655 is the exact same pump)
    gpu block: maze 4
    radiator: black ice pro 3 (or PA120.3 if you can go over your budget a little bit)

    everything else is really up to you, and you don't need to cool your ram or graphics memory

    the above setup will be very hard to beat unless you dish out another couple hundred bucks for marginal gains
  2. ok just curious what type of Liquid/ hoses should i use and will this be able to be setup internally
  3. any other suggestions on how i should setup my case, how will i mount that Triple 120mm fan radiator on my case
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