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I just got this board and before i start setting it up i have a few questions. I currently dont have a pata hard drive. Can windows be installed to the sata hard rive (on the sata 1 slot) The manual seems to say you cant. 2nd question is the board only has 1 cd audio input jack. what about my second dvd drive?
I have 2 dvd drives how do i set them up on the ide drives as far as on the blue ide an red eid master slave and so forth.
finally what is the ezplug for (the molex connector)

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  1. just from experience with asus p4c800 (socket 478) & asus p5gd (socket 775) - i have both running with SATA drives as the "C"/boot drive.

    the p5wd is a more recent vintage board (2006) - for sure it will let you use a SATA drive as the boot drive.

    i like Asus ... but sometimes the documentation is a little off. for example the power switch location for the p4c800 - in a slightly different place, in reality, than what the manual says.

    PS if you don't get an answer here, i suggest the p5wd2-e customer review section at Newegg.
  2. yes, I did it last week end with Win 2K.

    only 1 SATA 250Gb drive connected to SATA1 on the mobo. SATA1 set to Master.

    make sure you load the sata drivers on a floppy and hit f6 when installing windows to load the sata drivers manually.

    I also have 2 DVD drives:Master /Slave

    blue connector to blue IDE connector on mobo
    gray conenctor to master dvd
    black connector to slave dvd.

    hope this helps.
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