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I am in the last stages of setting up my system and I am wondering if the PSU that came with my Antec Sonata case will be sufficiant. The case came with a Antec TruePower 2.0 380w PSU. I have listed the components I will be using below.

If anyone can let me know if this PSU will be sufficiant. If not I have an option to buy a Nero HE 430 watts from Fry's, they have it on sale for $59.99 but I would rather save the money and use the PSU I already have. Thank you!! :)

Intel 945GGNTLKR, 945G chipset, 775 socket, (Built in Video)
Pentium D 930 Box with included Intel fan, 3.0GHz
Serial ATA HD
2 gigs of PQI DDR2 memory 533mhz
DVD and Floppy drive
PCIE Video Card - EVGA 256mb 7600
Antec TruePower 2.0 380w PSU
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  1. You planning on OCing?

    That TPII 380W will most likely be sufficient. I would at least try it with that PSU. Install everything and run a stress test to check for any stability issues. A low-tech test:
    1. Open the side of the case
    2. Insert a CD or DVD into your CD/DVD drive.
    3. If you can hear the other system fans decelerate or bog down, then your PSU is struggling to keep up with the load an it should be replaced.
  2. I have never Oclocked before. I might want to try it, in the future, but I think with this dual core my speeds should be fine. Does Oclocking really take a lot more power from the PSU? Thanks for the help, I will try that stress test.
  3. well befor eu do anything, go and return your sonota case and get an antec sonata II(2) case, much better, comes with a PSU that you make like more since is modular.
  4. Depends on whether you're OCing the CPU/GPU or both. If you're not OCing, then I don't think you'll have any problems. If that is one of the original Antec Sonata's then that should be a TP - not TPII - and is probably underrated. Definitely try it: monitor voltages (you wnat voltages within +- 5%) and do the low tech test I told you about.
  5. its the older sonota, since th eolder ones come w/ Truepower series the sonota 2 comes with a smartpower 450w
  6. Looks like a 250W system to me... maybe a little more.

    You can find out for yourself here.
  7. The power supply in the Sonata is actually the a Antec TruePower 2.0 380w PSU. They might have outfitted some of the later Sonatas with the 2.0 version. Is $50 worth the upgrade to the Sonata 2. I thought they were basically the same case oher then the PSU.
  8. link to where ur getting this PC/case from
  9. Definitely not worth the upgrade. The TP series is are better PSUs. Try the 380W first and ifit is insufficient, then upgrade the PSU - keep the case.
  10. Here is a link for the case at NewEgg (

    With all of the comments I am leaning towards staying with my Sonata 1. WIth the PSU it already has, although 380 watts it seems to be a good one. The system I am running does not seem to be needing additional power. My concern then is longrun needs. If in general power supplies degrade over time, the 380w might not be sufficiant. Well I thank you for all the suggestions.
  11. the link u gave us, thats a sonota 2, a newer refined version, better cooling

    Antec LifeStyle SONATA II Piano Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 450Watt SmartPower 2.0 ATX 12V V2.0 for AMD & Intel systems Power Supply - Retail

    with a 450w smartpower
  12. Yea the Sonata 1 I have already and I got it at Fry's

    The previous link would be the one I would upgrade to if in fact the 380w power supply would not have been sufficient for my components
  13. hmm i agreen the PSU would be fine, but im not so sur eof ur mobo will accept its an old PSU., hook it up and find out.
  14. I also have an Antec Sonata and had to make a similiar decision sbout whether to upgrade the psu. Aside from the components listed in the sig, I also have both a DVD and CD burner as well as 2 120mm LED case fans. Anyhow the Truepower that came with my case(maybe yours is updated) only had a 20-pin MB connector and no 6-pin PCI-express power connector so I had to use an adapter. It does have fan connectors which supposedly monitor your fan speed according to temp. I used them, but I never heard the case fans rev up so I don't know how well it works. The psu only has one fan so it is quiet, however it got pretty warm under load which bothered me. The voltages were stable, but the heat nagged at me, so I bought an Enermax 485W psu. I don't have to use anymore adapters and the voltages are just as stable and the psu stays much cooler. I'm pretty sure the Antec psu will work fine for your setup, but it was worth it to me to know that I have a stable setup that can handle a few more upgrades.
  15. Thanks for the post, all of this info is good to know. The PSU that is in this older case did come with the current plugs (24 pin ATX power). Luckily it is set up with all of the necessary connections. I will monitor the way the system takes to the power to se whether this PSU is sufficiant.

    Is there any type of program that monitors the power intake of the CPU and necessary components to see whether the system is getting the proper power regulation?
  16. That site is awesome, thanks for posting it.
  17. Heheh, if your plannig on making your rig investment safe, go with the Antec Neo He 550 psu. Plenty of power, about $90, great deal and its quiet, depite using a 800mm fan!! Now thas impressive :twisted:
  18. Quote:
    That site is awesome, thanks for posting it.

    ......ur kidding, u just now found out about newegg?
  19. I'm not quite that daft. I have a public wishlist for my new build on there.

    I was talking about the psu calculator page from The Rev's post. It tells me that my new rig will ONLY need 530 watts if I ever go for crossfire(doubtful).
    The shiny Hiper I just got should cover it. You were right to call me out. I am an idiot, just not THAT much of one.
  20. It's a handy tool, ain't it?
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