Best card for my needs?

Hi all

I've just purchased a new Dell 5150 with a 24" TFT :D

The onboard GFX isn't going to cut it with me and the Dell recommended X300SE also looked a bit puny for the price.

What I'm after is a card which will allow me to display full resolution (1920x1200), watch xvid's and play the occasional game. I'd also like the card to have a passive heatsink rather than a noisy fan. My priority is a quiet PC than a games beast.

I hardly ever play games and maybe play BF2 like once every 3 months so don't mind if I'm not running full resolution with all the trimmings.

I'd also like it to cost < £100 as I can't justify more to get a gaming card which I rarely use.

So far, I'm looking at the GeForce 6200 and the X300 as they are cheap and my current PC has a 6200 and it is fine for my needs.

Which of those is best and are there any others I could consider?

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  1. At that res, I'd look at at least a 7600GT, and preferably a 7900GT...
  2. Thanks for the reply. Could I ask why? What extra will the 7600GT or 7900GT give me?
  3. I would recomend the X1800GTO.

    Ati has better video playback than Nvidia. The X1800GTO would be better for hi res gaming also.

    As for just video the X1300 or X1600 would be fine.

    Thanks to another thread, Ati & Nvidia comparision.

    My old 9600XT handled 1280x1024 res hi def TV.
  4. You can pick up at x1600 pro for like £100 that should give u enough power for some light gaming and give u the video play back u want. Dunno how loud it is though.
  5. If you mean you want that resolution for your desktop, and to play the occasional game, I'm sure a 7600 GS or X1600 XT would be fine for you.

    If you want to play games at high resolutions, look for no less than a 7900 GT or X1800 XT.
  6. I think that's overkill. Since you are doing low amounts of gaming, max res. is all that matters, and most cards are capable of 1920x1200, I would recommend a 7300 for cheap =o
  7. i think the ATI X1600XT would be just perfect
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