Asus A8N-E Motherboard Memory Slot Problem (Please Help)

Hi I'm not a tech person, so I have a query:

My PC has been working fine for 4 months. But then suddenly it wouldn't start up, it will not even go to post, black screen and a long beep then 3 secs then another long beep, endlessly looping. I thought it must be the memory.

I have 2 x 512MB PC3200 400mhz in the blue slots & 2 x 512MB PC3200 400mhz in the black slots, all slots are full making a total of 2GB all the same make & speed etc... identical.

I took out the memory from A2 & B2 slots and it works fine, boots up perfectly with 1024MB. If I move the 2 sticks to A2 & B2 slots then it will not boot up at all, same beeps.

If I move the DRAM Sticks to the A1 & B1 slots, fine again. If I leave those in there and add a third stick to the A2 slot: it boots up but only recognises 512MB DRAM installed.

If I take that out and move it to slot B2 the PC won't start, same beeping.

So should I conclude that the B2 slot farthest from the CPU is faulty & fails to register the DRAM?

I don't think it's the actual DDR as any combination in slots A1 & B1 work fine.

I also tested each individual DRAM chip in Slot B1 (says in user manual, if using 1 DRAM Module insert in B1) PC started perfectly with each 512MB Memory chip and I then used Check It Daignostics to run all usual Memory Tests, all Passed, & thus obviously rules out memory problems, must be MB, right?

So has the motherboard failed? Should I return it to the vendor?

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  1. This will be a ball-ache. but just try using different paired combinations of memory in slots a1,b1 only. To make sure that you definately have not got a duff memory stick. Is all the memory the same, not just speed (pc3200) but as regards manufacture and latency? That can cause problems (can't explain why it worked for 4 months though?)
    If you get no problems running various paired combos, its really got to be that b2 slot thats causing the problem. Just make sure the contacts look o.k and its not damaged somehow.
    If everything looks alright on the board, it must be that slot failing memory test in p.o.s.t and you'll have to RMA the board back (or run it with just 1024mb for now)
  2. Thanks mate, but I've just found out it must be the motherboard slot failed as I got an identical board and the set up now works perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion though, but all is well. :)
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