Problem with ATI video card!!!

Hello, i own a saphire 9200 series, the problem with it is that i can't select AGP :?(it is always off) from ati catalyst control center even though sisoft sandra says that my card supports both 2x 4x and 8x settings.Please help i've tried everything, i even have the latest catalyst drivers, what can i do to get the AGP feature working :( :?:
P.S: i have a intel d865perl MB
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  1. the card is in my AGP slot 100%, my bios says that the card is in agp mode,
    what do you mean "wich part of......" the CCC has only one part, this is it:
    C:Program FilesATI TechnologiesATI.ACE. I repeat my card is working good but i can't select AGP, i mean i've selected AGP 2,4,X each at a time, restarted the PC but to no succes.PLEASE HELP MEE I DON'TT KNOW WHAT TO DO :?:
  2. but i have performance problems this is the issue, please help i don't know what to do, i'm thinking of selling this card and buying a new one but i don't know that it would solve the problem (AGP one) what if the new one that i wil buy has the same problem, so then it could be a mobo problem, please help.
  3. the games move very slow, note that games that i play aren't resource eaters:fifa,nfs,chess(3d mode), max payne. Please do not deviate from the issue and give good and helpful advices, if u can't do that then don't bother, thx and help.
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