Barton 2500+/2200MHz completely unstable :/

Hi im new to forum and im here for help.

My PC:

CPU: AMD Barton 2500+/2200MHz good series: AQYFA with low batch nr
MOBO: Abit NF7 v 2.0
RAM: 2x512 Corsair VS CL 2.5 dual channel
GRAPHIC: GF4 Ti 4200
PSU: Be Quiet P5 470W

Voltages defaut, only thing changed is Barton 3200+ settings from Softmenu III. Checked increasing RAM and CPU voltage by 0.05 V -> same problems. AGP freq 66 MHz, RAM default CL and timings. FSB/RAM set on auto and checked "by spd" -> same problems.

System is very unstable. It`s missing files during simple tasks (installing, reading, browsing inet). Applications closing themself randomly, same with games. Rarely system reset.

Hardware didnt pass even single test in Prime95 and Memtest86 (30 min full test cycle) found 5 errors. I guess its RAM fault but it could be also CPU.

CPU have fabric unlocked multiplier so i checked 13.5x166 to find out if default FSB is better-> same problems. With FSB/RAM ratio set to auto in BIOS i get 333 RAM -> again the same.

Please help me guys. I changes mobo and CPU yesterday and RAM is 1 week old. Should i change voltages, ht, frequecies? What to do? I cant imagine working on not o/c Barton :p. Besides it perfectly fit to o/c: unlocked multiplier, low batch nr, good series.

I know that 0.05 V change is very small but I read plenty articles that on 11x200 barton+ abit nf7 voltage goes on default.

If it matters i have latest mobo drivers installed. Win XP prof SP2 dx 9.0c

edit: forgot to add- i have good cooler+arctic silver V so CPU temp is stable at 43 C when O/C with 1.7 voltage. Im new to O/C thats why i have strange feelings aboutchanging vCore and vDRAM
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  1. After some testing I increased system stability by changing vDRAM to 2.9V. However errors still occur in Prime95, games crash and im sure its RAM fault.

    Anyone have an idea how to fix it?
  2. Hi ive just done a big reply for some one else trying to clock an XP classic series and here is my reply to there thread, sorry for the cut-n-paste.

    Ive got a XP1700 0.13u thurbread rev B and its clocking in at the top end for the XP cores and thats only 2.25GHz so if your getting 2.2GHz your almost at the max for the XP series with out going to extreams,
    ive got a very nice Alpha PAL 90 cooling it and im at the limit of the core so heats not an issue with my clock.

    I would say that if you cool your chip a little better prob boost the volts a little bit more you will get that extra 50Hz or a bit more from it, the fastest XP ever in this core was the XP3200 and that ran at 2.2GHz so that the fastest AMD could get from the core reliably so you shouldn't expect massive gains from this figure.

    If memmory serves me correct ive got the core at 1.65V with a FSB of 333MHz for the sweet spot for my CPU and its been running at this speed and volt for a good few years now, my mobo is a A-Bit NF7 V2 and with this combo and the cpu the multiplier is unlocked and set to 7.

    Hope that info helps you a little.

    Appart from the CPU voltage and multiplier all the other setting are default.

    So with that info and from what others have said you might have a ram error there some where altho if I drop the core voltage back to default my system will run ok but will crach randomly and have strange errors but not in a predictable manner
  3. Well i have barton core which is now far from its max o/c. 2.2 GHz on barton 2500+ is just the beggining of OCing, really nothing special. I managed to get it fairly stable by changing vDRAM to 2.9V but it still cant pass any prime95 test. Im sure its not heat problem...

    Thx for reply though I have a bit different problem.
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