Duel Monitors and graphic cards

this is kind of a two part question.

So i was looking into these "duel monitors" and was curious if they really had any advantage other than looks, as apposed to just having two seperate monitors and a graphics card that supports them (ex DVI and VGA hookups).

I mean the duel monitors look amazing, but if i kept what i have now (20.1 in widescreen LCD) and bought say a 19" LCD TV as a second monitor, could it do everything a duel monitor could do?

and say i wanted to add, if the 19" LCD TV set up with my 20in lcd would be the same as the attached duel monitors........is it better to get an LCD TV? or just get a bit bigger monitor (say another 20" widescreen) and just get a tv tuner card?

btw this is what i mean when i say "duel monitors" if you don't know duel monitor link

lastly, right now i have an ATI X700 pro with 1 DVI out and 1 VGA out. would it be alot better idea to get a graphics card with 2 DVI outs or is what i have ok?

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  1. Those monitors sure do look sleek and sexy but I see they are 8ms..

    For less cash you could get 2 Viewsonic VX922s which run at 2ms and are the benchmark messure in THG LCD monitor tests.
  2. i have dual monitors and i cant go back to 1. Multi tasking has never been easier. Especially if you do any design its a MUST. But i usually have firefox on one screen, and msn, winamp and whatever else on the other.

    IF im doing research of reports, i have Word on one monitor, and my periodical or whatnot on the other. Instead of switching back and force on one monitor you can view both.

    Also for gaming i can have winamp and xfire open while the game on the other monitor. Now in game you cant move over to the other monitor without minimzing the game, but i can still see who's online, and control winamp ingame throug hot keys

    i love dual monitors. MY friend has a 19", a 21" widescreen and a nother 19" all hooked up. Looked epic. But he's a graphic designer so he has PS open on one screen, all his tools on another, and other crap on the third.
  3. lol oh ya dual

    well as far as ms goes, the 20.1" lcd widescreen monitor i have now is a 12ms response and i haven't had any shadowing or anything at all.

    now a 23" lcd TV i was looking at has 16ms response time and 550:1 contrast ratio. would that cause the any problem while viewing it? i mean it supports HDTV and everything, but 16ms is getting a little high, specially for a tv i'd presume....
  4. 16ms is not great for gaming but it's fine for everything else.
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