ati 9550 or nvidia 6200? (AGP)

here is a question that cannot be found anywhere but i'm sure a lot of people want the answer to.

what card do you think is better? yes i know that the 6600 or the 6800 or the x800gto would be a much better deal. i just care about comparing the ati 9550 or the nvidia 6200 for now.

link for the 9550:


i have actually used that 9550 and u can overclock a LOT. it works pretty well for WoW and other things like playstation emulators and such.

thnx and if you guys have links to benchmarks comparing the two cards that would be great.
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  1. if you can get a his iceq 9550 you might get some amazing clocks, other than that an unlockable 6200 maybe???
  2. I believe the 6200 is a better performer than the 9550.
  3. are we talking an unlockable 6200 being better than the 9550?
    bcs i tried an xfx 6200 with the nv44a core

    for you that might not know, some 6200's are unlockable to have more pipelines and vertex's. BUT its really tough to find them. and only the agp ones are unlockable. they have ot have the special nv43 core, not the nv44. if you get a 6200 it can be clocked to 6600 speeds.

    but most 6200's are not unlockable and they usually run at 64-bit. which SUCKS. the 9550 here in question runs at 128 bit. the 9550 can also be overclocked to 2x the normal values. you just screw a fan onto the heatsink that comes with it, and that works ok.

    so, if you can get a 9550 and overclock it, and if you can get this 6200 but it cant be overclocked or unlocked, is the 9550 better?
  4. I was under the impression that stock, a 6200 would beat out a 9550, but now I'm not so sure...
  5. i reckon a 9550 overclock would be very close if not ahead of a 128-bit 6200 but if the 6200 has the 64-bit bus stay away from it!!!
  6. yah that 6200 i used SUCKED
    i mean i could play WoW with that card, or a geforce2MX,

    that makes me SICK to my stomach. seriously, how can that even be possible that a 6200 wouldnt outperform the geforce2mx?!?!? ITS DISGUSTING.

    if you are getting a 6200 just so you can turn your monitor on, then good for you. but if you want to play a game and not be disgusted, get a 9550.

    btw u can barely even overclock a 6200 with the nv44 or nv44a cores (i think they are the same actually). every time i tried to overclock the core itself, the whole computer would hang.

    anybody have any benchmarks of this phenomenon?
  7. I've done a little research, there are both 128-bit and 64-bit 6200's out there...

    The 128-bit 6200 is a bit better than an X600 PRO, which is itself a bit better than the 9550:

    However, a 64-bit 6200 would suck arse, and from what I understand most of them are 64-bit now... So do a little research before buying...

    The 9550 might be the safe bet though, it'll overclock like stink.
  8. I bought my friend an Abit V-Guru 9550, and it overclocked wayyy past 9600XT speeds(the 9550 is just a downclocked 9600) and he's really enjoying it.
  9. so ... i ran across both of these just weeks ago pickin up the 6200 from goodwill.. and it was a BFG overclocked version... also i have a 9550 already installed in my office computer.. been there for months and i have been pleased with performance.. runs the sims 3 with ease.. also i added a tri fan setup to the heatsink .. which was mentioned in the reply above... i installed the 6200 today and wow... after all drivers were installed it restarted the comp and right away i noticed the difference... ran sims3 like it was running a commodor game.. maybe thats overreacting but its a noticeable difference.. i run win7 32bit btw...
  10. I just nabbed a BFG 6800oc from for $28. A little extra life breathed into this old box is certainly welcome. Not sure if it's still there but it's pretty solid performance for these old AGP rigs.
  11. CON: The 6800 i installed is not as good as the 9550 when it comes to multi-display setups... with the 9550 i was able to have dual display and the 32inch all running at once... with the 6800 i get a black an white screen on the 32inch.. also i only have one 22inch now.. so thats no dual display for the card... (in my opinion and situation) ...
  12. meant to say 6200oc*
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