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I was no aware but I heard that AMD was coming out with a new processor NEXT year called K8L and I wanted to know that if I had a socket 939 comp and wanted to upgrade to K8L all I would have to do is buy another MoBo, Ram, and CPU right?
Thanks for the help
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  1. K8L will be socket AM2.

    Socket 939 is supposed to kick the bucket at the end of this year.
  2. but what I am asking is that all I would have to do to step up to socket AM2 is buy a new MoBo, Ram, and CPU right? Could I use all of my other componets
  3. Quote:
    You need AM2 socket mobo and CPU, along with DDR2 RAM to run. SATA, SATA2, PCI-E, I think even IDE will work on AM2 fine.

    Thanks for the answer
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