Question about mini PCs & Wireless...

(Thanks for previous advice -- have yet to buy stuff; $$ priorities keep changing... But after a tax refund maybe...)

Hypothetically, would it be possible to build a fair (not a gamer but my small children are leaning in that direction; some image editing & multitasking) small-footprint PC w/wireless mouse & keyboard in the neighborhood of 1-1.5K (including monitor & Windows XP)? If possible, I'd love a 19" LCD monitor and I have no idea if there are problems associated w/wireless mice & keyboards -- have never used them.

Right now we've got a Dell w/external HD, cable modem & router & USB printer -- makes for quite the mess in a corner of our kitchen...

On the other hand, I've never built a PC and don't know if you can cram that much stuff in a mini -- better off w/a full-sized case? Any other clutter-minimizing ideas? Thanks very much. Mcaren
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  1. Although the Small Form Factor PC will be a fine PC for general use. You may be pressing your luck for a Gaming PC. The biggest issue may present itself when you try to find a Graphic card to fit the system because many of these units use half-height cards. Realistically you can attach a wireless mouse and keyboard to this and run it without any problems. During setup you will want to use a standard keyboard and mouse. You should be able to buy a decent SFF computer and a 19” monitor for under $1500.
  2. Check out the Shuttle series of SFF cases...

    They have several, one or two even with SLI, although that is a bit ...extreme

    (You can prob still find socket 478/865G/AGP units for around $150...slap in a 6600GT, ram, drives, and cpu, and one is good to go for casual gaming! I have a Biostar IDEQ200t that is really nice)
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