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I`m building a new computer with the ASUS P4N32-SLI Delux motherboard and Coolmaster Real power 550W SLI PSU.My problem is the 4 pin EZ plug on the MB,the one between the two video card slots, it is 4 pin molex while my PSU`s 12V is a square 4 pin connector.The PSU has all other connector for the MB and video cards.Is there some where i can get a two ended female adapter.I might not need to use connector.
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  1. i believe u mean P5N....

    anyways, it uses a normal power connector from your PSU, something that is sued on an ATA or IDE harddrive u dont need a converter i believe
  2. yes don't try and use or convert the 4-pin connector (you dont' need is since you have 8-pin for that mobo - just leave it unconnected) penguin's on the right track - much easier to use the hdd connector

    as a bonus it gives "multi-rail" voltage input to your PCI-E bus :wink:
  3. Thank guys,i will use one of the HHD/peripheral connectors for the EZ-plug connector.The other 4pin connector has two 12v pin and two GND pins were as the EZ plug requires one +12v & one +5V pin and it fits
  4. np, my friend has to us ethe same type of connector for his 6600GT AGP
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