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Is it possible that we assign different icons to different folders? thanks.
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    .......Quote...of Folders's Readme.....
    All file folders are represented in Explorer by the same bland icon. PC
    Magazine's Folders utility takes advantage of a feature introduced with
    Active Desktop to allow you to change a folder's icon. When Folders is
    installed, a new item titled "Folders - Change Icon" appears on the
    context menu that pops up when you right-click on a folder. Folders was
    written by Neil J. Rubenking, and first appeared in PC Magazine, October
    20, 1998 (v17n18).
    .......End quote...... Has many, many great utilities: BHOCop, COA2,
    ContextEdit, Crackup, DiskAction, EndItAll2, Folders, HDValet, InCtrl5,
    ListZapper, RegDetective, RegEdit+, StartupCop, WinTidy, etc. Now,
    suddenly, there is a subscription fee at PCMag, but, it's worth it,
    especially if you can get the whole bundle that is there.

    Yearly billing $19.97
    Yearly billing (For PC Magazine subscribers) $14.97
    Monthly billing (limit 3 downloads/month) $4.97

    You may try Google, but do you really want to download from any odd

    Thanks or Good Luck,
    There may be humor in this post, and,
    Naturally, you will not sue,
    should things get worse after this,
    "noname" <> wrote in message
    | Is it possible that we assign different icons to different folders?
  2. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win98.gen_discussion (More info?)

    You can do this manually by following the instructions at David Candy's Serenity
    Macros website:
    In the left frame of the web page, uner Windows 98, click Icons.
    Click to expand the section on the right for "Setting Icons for Individual Folders"

    Copy the following lines (below) into a file called Desktop.ini and save it in the
    folder you want to customise. This
    file may exist in the folder in which case edit the file and add or edit the
    following lines. This as written
    sets the icon to a tree, see Shell Icons tip on this page for how to find an icon
    If designing your own icons you can use a bitmap file (bmp). A good size is 16 x 16
    for small icons and 32
    x 32 for large. When using bitmaps as icons the colour of the upper left pixel
    becomes the invisible colour.
    If the icon and desktop.ini file are in the same directory there is no need for a

    InfoTip=An optional description for the folder that displays in a pop up tip and web
    view when selected

    This file usually has its hidden attribute set, though it doesn't have to. Right
    click it and choose
    Properties then check the Hidden checkbox.
    The folder it's stored in also needs to have its system or read only attribute set.
    The easiest way to do that is to right-click the folder, click Properties, chack the
    box for "Read Only" and click Apply or OK.

    Another option is to use the freeware ActivIcons from Icon Forge:

    To change the icons for individual folders with ActivIcons, you MUST have Active
    Desktop enabled, which I do not like to use. In the program, click "Directories" on
    the left, and then choose the folder whose icon you want to change.
    Glen Ventura, MS MVP Shell/User, A+

    "noname" <> wrote in message
    > Is it possible that we assign different icons to different folders? thanks.
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