eVGA 7600gt problem

Hi, I have recently encountered a problem with, i think the gfx card. The problem is when i hook the computer up and i turn it on the monitor, it does not display anything. I have another computer and another monitor and swaped them out so i know that it is not a monitor problem. Also, the weird thing is it didnt turn on when i got home today so i messed with it a little and then it turned on. I turned it off to go eat dinner then tried to turn it back on and it crapped out and wouldnt display anything on the monitor. I have my cpu oced from 2.2ghz to 2.5ghz and i monitor the temps and they stay under 30 degrees celcius. Hopefully the temp sensor is correct and i didnt fry the cpu. Idont know exactly if its the gfxcard. It might be the mobo or something. If it helps any ill post my computer specs and stuff.
MOBO: Msi k8n diamond plus
Gfx Card: eVGA 7600gt
RAM: Corsair XMS 2x1GB ddr400 pc3200
CPU: AMD 3500+
Hard Drive: WD 250gb
I have all the latest drivers and am running Windows XP home edition
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  1. does rest of the computer works? check power supply or take the card out and put it back in or......if u got any old card laying arround put it back in and see if that card works.......
  2. Actually i figured out the problem. The primary pci-e slot went bad becuase the gfx card works in the secondary but not the primary.
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