Finally narrowed selection to 2. Which one tho?

Hi guys.

I have finally narrowed my choices of mobo to 2.
Asus A8N SLI-Premium
Abit KN8 SLI

I *might* want to OC a little but not much.
Will be running a Opty 170 and OCZ Platinum RAM.

I have heard ASUS aren't the best for AMD and that Abit possibly is....
I only have a need for 1 PCI at this stage (Current Audigy2 card)

What do you reckon??
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  1. Oh yeah....

    I'll be using Antec Neo HE 550W PSU if that makes a diff.
  2. My vote goes for the ABIT (see sig)

    KN8 SLI is a bargain.

    And didn't asus have problems with some Antec PSU's? Regardless of which you chose check the manufacturer sites about that PSU.
  3. Why go SLI? In my opinion it is just not woth the ungodly amount of money you spend for two cards. Get one x1900xt and, in many cases, your performance will beat out 2 $300 cards.

    Here's just one example:

    Just my two cents.
  4. I chose the SLI board to get the passive cooling. I have a thing against those fans. Not to mention the KN8 is cheaper than some of the Non sli boards...

    and just in case SLI becomes somehow more attractive..
  5. Yeah passive cooling is one of the reasons I am looking at these 2 boards.
  6. Right, I had a look at the Antec NeoHE /Asus A8N issue.
    Looks like it was fixed in Dec 2005.
    Provided the Asus board is Rev 1.02 and the Antec PSU was built after Dec 05 the combo should be fine.
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