Bsod Problems

Hi all,just joined the forums and i have a prob i u can help.
I keep getting BSOD's in desktop,games,while surfing ,watching a movie or anything...before i buy a new hdd and put a new os on it,wanted to see if it's hardware related or software related (cuz if it's the software,np,just a new os will solve it) ^^

Here are the dump files (from the windows/minidump) : (it's a safe file)

Also my specs are : (cpu)intel e5200,(vga)asus 4850 TOP,(mem) transcend jet ddr2 2gb @ 800 ,(mobo) gigabyte ep35-ds3,(psu) chieftec 500W ,(hdd) WD 640 and WD 500 GB.

tnx for any help :)

~p.s. i don't have any virus problems and i tested the Mem ,works fine.
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  1. Just to be clear: you didn't have these issues when you were running an older version of Windows?
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