Multimonitor support?

Hi all

I have a PC with a 128MB Radeon 9250 installed connected to a 17" TFT via D-Sub. I've noticed that in Windows XP, it would appear that it can give me multi-monitor support. I have tried this by extending my desktop then plugging my monitor into the DVI port via a DVI->VGA convertor. However, nothing is displayed on the screen.

Is there something I am missing or should this just work? Never done this before but it does work fine on my laptop.

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  1. Have you enabled it in the display settings? Also, have you configured the display settings properly to allow it?
  2. It should be enabled in the display adaptor advanced settings. Right click on desktop, choose properties, choose settings, choose advanced then click on your video card adaptor. If you have the correct drivers installed you should be able to choose multi-monitor support there.
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