ATIRadeon 1900AIW or ATIRadeon1800xt with a tv tuner QUESTIO

Hi, I was planning to buy a ATIRadeon 1900AIW for my new build (a gaming rig/online browsing, and an overall studying pc that would last me for atleast the next 3 or 4 years without any upgrades)but now i began to wonder if its worth spending that $400 on it and wheather it wouldnt be maby beter to get a ATI Radeon1800xt with a separate ATI TV tuner card, I like the AIW feaures(especialy enabling me to watch tv on the pc), and I was wondering in the long run if it is worht geting those 2 separate gpu and tv tuner cards or one AIW, pricewise, and qualitywise.

Im a bit confused because i read some reviews which stated that the 1900aiw did beat the 1800xt in couple of game tests, by in some cases almost 9 or 10 ftp's

I was wondering wehather anyone here would know which one would be a beter buy $$ wise and longtermwise, so that it would last me a bit.

Thank You for any and all suggestions.
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  1. lol i know the 1900xt is the best (not counting the xtx which is a waste of $$) but i just dont want to spend so mutch, im building a new rig (from ground up), i was just curious how well does it perform, in gaming? (the 1900aiw) i mostly play strategy games, the ftp's arent mutch of an interst to me ( i just dont like the graphics...but yet again i have not played fear;))

    Will I be able to handle lets say Unteal Yournament 2007 well with a system with a 1900aiw, 2 gigs of ram, a p4 3.2 processor (singlecore or dualcore, but leaning towards dualcore)? Or will the 1900AIW will be then like lets say the radeon 7000 series right now(weak, and just plain crapy)?

    Thank You.
  2. How much would you give me for a slightly used AIW X1800 XL?
  3. hm..... nothing, in not interested in the 1800 series( excluding the xt maby) , sorry
  4. You are better off getting a X1900XT and a seperate tuner card, like the TV Wonder elite. That is what I have.
  5. the 1900xt is a bit pricy, and to be gonest i dont want to throw away so mutch $$ just for a video card, that will not even utilize the ful potential of direct x10 :( , to be honest i began thinking just about waiting till new direct x10 series video cards come out and then get something midrange from the dX10 series models. .... it would take what?? about half a year for that to happen right? hopefully. i heard the dx10 series supposd to come out for summer but they were postponed because of vista, so i think that it will take that about 6 months or so for new dx10gpus will come out. ...hopefully.
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