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Ok this is gonna be my first built system and it seems the more I learn the more lost I become. Im trying to keep it under $2000 for computer and monitor. I have a rough idea of the setup im looking for but im sure I still need alot of help. Here is a wish list I composed and could some of you please look over this and let me know where I should make some cuts and what im missing. my wish list
Or please feel free to lead me to something different. Im just looking for a butt kicking system for under 2k if possible. Thank you in advance.
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  1. Have you looked at the other threads looking for a $2000 system yet?
  2. I believe this link will show you his rig.
    It looks like dual 7900GTs, an X2 4400+, 2GB RAM and a couple of 250GB HDDs.
    I personally stick to sub $1000 PCs, so no comment here on the parts.
  3. That motherboard isn't SLI.....
  4. You may suck at sub $1000 PCs but you seem to suck even worse at maths - that rig costs $1700
  5. My post in no way states that the link is a $1000 PC. All I did was post a valid link to syracuse911's wishlist and state what components were contained.
    The rest of my comment was to say that I normally stick to sub $1000 PCs, so I am not offering any commentary on the part chosen by syracuse911.

    So what we have here is the following situation:
    A) I am being helpful to someone posting on the forum.
    B) You demonstrating that you can't read.
  6. Ma'bad - I read 'stick to sub $1000 PCs' as 'suck at $1000 PCs'

    You have my unreserved apology :wink:

    In my defense there are a whole load of @ssholes round here who seem to think there is more skill to building a high-budget PC rather than a low-budget one....and habits form.
  7. Wow, sub 1000? Your a rarity on here. I don't even contemplate that anymore. Anything less then 1500 is considered by me to be a steal.

  8. No worries, mate. I think I was a little punchy yesterday :D .

    And yeah, I think you can build a heck of a computer for under $1000. I keep wishlists at NewEgg as recommendations for my friends, and what I consider the high-end computer is under $1000. I keep the medium range around $750, and the budget system at ~ $500.
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