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On a final note, Quad SLI is not for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Nvidia has made this clear

That sounds like a challenge! Not for the poor man, but a challenge no less!

Who's gonna be the first to try it!
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  1. No doubt a waste of ca$h.

    But I see enough people burning through money.

    And one of them might not like being told that they can't do it themselves..
  2. Yeah, its only a matter of time before some rich geek tries this, somebody who takes their PCricing too far will inevitably do it. I think it will be a high school kid, somebody who doesn't have bills and gets everything they need from somebody else, yet still has a job where they can spend all their earned money on toys, like riced out cars or quad sli computers.

    I can see it now too, somebody will start a thread or put up a web page, it will get digged or slashdotted or whatever, and everybody will talk about it for one day then get on with their lives. These big obnoxious machines will surely go out of style soon.
  3. Quote:
    I think a moron would try it first. Quad SLI is totally pointless. Why waste money?

    Already been done. Dell will sell you a limited edition XPS 600 with quad SLI (2GB of video memory)

    Cost: $9800
  4. He's talking about a self-built machine, not some crap cookie-cutter like Dell/HP/Gateway.
  5. Quad SLI is for the poor fellow who can't buy a better penis.
  6. The Alienware version has water cooling for the GPUs, which is a serious plus.
  7. I think the reason you all hate it is because you cant afford it. If a person likes to spend cash on something they like. Say like BUILDING SWEET COMPUTERS than let them spend there cash on the hobby they enjoy. If they can afford it who cares. Just care about whay YOU can afford
  8. That's very true. If I could afford it, I would probably get it. Deep down inside, I'd still know I'm a tool for buying it.
  9. Quote:
    He's talking about a self-built machine, not some crap cookie-cutter like Dell/HP/Gateway.

    The Dell for once isnt cookie cutter crap- its all custom hence why its almost $10,000.
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