Any advice on a gaming build? ($1150)

Right now I have this in my head for a gaming build (That will also be used for some photoshopping / flash creating etc.).

Just to note, I'm not really into overclocking, I want the most bang for my buck I guess. I don't have any preferences to Intel / AMD or Nvidia / ATI but I figured I'd try an AMD build since all I've used before is Intel.

I just figured I'd get some opinions of some people who might know a thing or two more than I do before I spend the money.


Athlon 64 X2 3800+ ($297)

LiteOn or BenQ DVD burner ($35)

Coolermaster CAC-T05-UW Centurion 5 case ($50)

2GB (2x1GB) ADATA Vitesta ram ($145)
( )

EpoX EP-9NPA+ SLi motherboard ($135)
( )

Western Digital Caviar 250GB SATA hdd w/ 16MB cache ($90)

Sapphire Radeon X1800XT 512MB video card ($320)
( )

Rosewill 550W modular power supply ($85)
( )


That's it right now. Totals about $1150ish. The budget is actually $1200 but I left some room for shipping costs. So it's a little flexible (but not by too much).

Any suggestions? :)
Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would probably go more mainstream with the memory. Something with better timing on it. Some cosair or ocz.

    I've never heard of that powersupply, but looks decent enough.

    The hard drive is a nice choice. I have it as my secondary drive.

    Should make a nice gamming system.
  2. You have selected an SLI motherboard and an ATI graphics card. Might be a bad idea. Some people say that you can run XFire on SLI boards, but I personally have not seen any hard evidence of this. Just a heads up.
  3. ha! I did not even notice that!

    Also, I know you said your not into overclocking, but that cpu begs for it to be done. A lot of mb/bios now adays, make it really easy to oc. You can actually click an option that says to oc by a certain %, and it does all the work for you. Understand?

    So, you might want to think about getting an after market air heatsink and overclocking by 10% or something....
  4. I did look into the whole ATI video cards on an nvidia motherboard and there doesn't seem to be a problem with it apparantly (but I probably would try two nvidia cards later on if I have some money to spend I suppose).

    Yeah I'd probably try OCing in small bits just to sqeeze some more performance out of it. But nothing extreme probably.

    I'm going to go with some OCZ RAM instead (still 2GB) -- 3-3-3-8 is the timing I believe. I've never really known a whole lot about how timing goes though.
  5. do not forget cost of monitor, window xp, keyboard. mouse and speaker. add everything up, it costs at least 300 dollars more. :!:
    good luck for new machine!
  6. Is the only reason you want a PSU as beefy as that one because you're considering SLI/Xfire in the future? Your system as you have it right now wouldn't use nearly that amount of power, plus, even if you are anticipating dual GPUs in the future, it looks like that PSU only has 1 PCI-E connector, so that wouldn't really be an option anyway... Just something to consider... Looks like it should be a good system though...
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