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My cousin just got a new computer and he isnt too good with the machine. I just wanted to know if anyone else has this cpu and if it runs hot with the stock hsf. Or if anyone knows of a program to view the temps on a Pentium d 830, since the program on the intel site doesnt work.

he got a Dell XPS something....
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  1. Yes they do tend to run hot. I would make sure you have a few extra case fans to help. I use a program called PC Wizard, same people who make CPUZ. Its free and it tells you about everything you want to know about your system and has benchmarks similar to sisandra. I'm sure someone may know of program just for the temp but this will work in a pinch.
  2. I tried the pc wizard 2006 like you said, but the temps i read seem wrong. It always reads my amd x2 3800+ at 40C when it really is only at 33C. I used another program that came with my mobo( pc probe). Just wondering if i did anything wrong or if there are different programs out there.
  3. Since it is a Dell it should have adequate cooling. Although not excellent cooling it should do the job. If he is having problems with the system overheating and shutting down then there is a problem and he needs to call Dell. If it just runs hotter than your AMD that is normal.

    As far as PC Wizard that is strange is has been very accurate on 3 systems that I run it on. I did notice some updates at the bottom of the page, didn't pay much attention but maybe one of them fixes the problem with the X2.
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