Questions about Chipsets (SLI/Crossfire)

I have a question about chipsets, and I know this is may be a newbie question.

Anyway, I am looking at getting a DFI lanparty board

DFI LanParty UT RDX200

It has an ATI Chipset, I also plan on getting an ATI X1800XT.

There is only one Lanparty board with this chipset on it which leaves me only one choice for this board as far as I can see.


1. The question I have is, if I get a mobo with an nF4 chipset, will I still be able to use the X1800XT?

2. Or are we to the point where the Mobo we choose decides the CPU and GPU that we will get?

3. If I can use an ATI GPU with an NF4 mobo, would there be a performance hit?

I do not plan on going Dual GPU anytime soon, and would upgrade my Mobo at the time I decided to go with the Dual GPU.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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  1. Based on reviews...

    Using a single card solution.

    a) Sometimes Nvid scores higher on ATI chipsets
    b) Sometmes ATI scores higher on Nforce chipsets

    If you have no interest in dual cards the mix doesn't matter.
  2. Thanks for all your help, it will go a long way in making my decision.
  3. ATI chipsets have been rather flaky actually, you might want to avoid them altogether. Some benchmarks prove it, ATI cards run faster on NF4 setups than with ATI's own chipsets!
  4. Quote:
    They're flaky because of early ASUS A8R32-MVP BIOS which most has been fixed now with the latest BIOS(see Anandtech). Being only 3weeks old so far the DFI LANParty UT CFX3200 has had no major problems with its initial BIOS. Newer BIOS for both boards are continuing being released to further improve overclocking and stretching its lead over nForce4 series.

    Some benchmarks prove it, ATI cards run faster on NF4 setups than with ATI's own chipsets!

    Only existed noticiby on A8R32-MVP which has been fixed by lastest BIOS as shown by Anandtech.

    The ATi Xpress3200 chipset itself does not have any technical issues.

    I stand corrected. Thanks Wusy.
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