Sound Card Specs - How Do You Find the Darn Things On-line?

If anyone can point me to a website somewhere that would be great. Have found very few that give THD, SNR and Freq. Most review sites seem to just compare price and links to the manufacturer have proved unsatisfactory, so far.
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  1. Check the website of the company that made the sound card. If they don't list it on their website, try checking your manual or downloading one of off that website.
  2. Since there are no set guidelines for how equipment is measured, manufacturers can often give you bogus numbers when compared to other products. THD can just be the lowest % on the audible spectrum, or an average, or the peak. Same for IMD. SNR can be measured where volume is extremely low, and an excessively high number can be extrapolated.

    I stopped reading for manufacturer specs and started looking at measurement graphs a long time ago. Otherwise, false advertising would just win (and usually does, for the uninformed).
  3. Thats why "digital" is soooo much better right?!? :twisted: :twisted: :roll:

    My digital speakers PWN your analog speakers! HAHAHAHAHA :twisted:
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