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AMD single vs dual core question

Last response: in CPUs
May 3, 2006 9:37:57 PM

I'm confused. I was ready to upgrade. Everyone says go dual core. I'm a gamer, currently running an AMD 64 3500+ with a 6800gt. I want better graphics (7900gt) which would require a new mobo (I have old agp).
As long as I was upgrading mobo and gpu, I fugure why not upgrade the cpu?
After looking long and hard at the cpu charts, I don't see any reason at this time.
When comparing AMD 64 3800+ to AMD 64 X2 3800+, (the only cpu's that seem like they might be apples to apples) the single core scores better in most tests.

Can someone explain why everyone says to go dual core when it appears to be slower?
May 3, 2006 9:55:47 PM

Dual core is simply not slower than single core MHz for MHz.
If your application is only single threaded, then the same bench on a dual core should be about the same with only a slight edge to the dual core chip since it can offload os tasks to the second core...

But if that app is multi-threaded, then the dual core leaves the single core chip in the dust.

Here is some info I gathered on dual core gaming

BTW, I have a dual core Opteron 175 and a HiS X1800XT...
and I get
18,364 in 3DMarks03
10,096 in 3DMarks05
5,031 in 3DMarks06
May 3, 2006 10:34:49 PM

I'm not aware that there are many multi-threaded games out yet. I think dual core will prove more of a short term boon than 64bit has turned out, however when multi-threaded 64bit games come to be (which seems to be when hell freezes over as they seem to enjoy only using half of the hardware people have bought) we should see some very real performance boosts.

Like RichPLS says, when one core can concentrate on OS tasks it leaves the other to run the game....but at the moment it is a very marginal increase, as devoting the whole of one core to running a few processes while the other runs Oblivion is like treating dandruff with decapitation.
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May 3, 2006 10:51:31 PM

well realy your system isn't so bad (aside from the video card maybe) you may just want to go arock duel 939 MB that *maybe* upgradable to use a AM2 chip also you can buy the board and still use your AGP slot or PCI-E. I know you want to move to PCI since it cheaper for all the new cards (which I agree is a good reason as well) but you may want to ebay off the card and once you have a confirmed buyer you can buy you new replacement then send out your old card.
May 3, 2006 11:58:10 PM

Dualcore is the present, multicore is the future (starting next year), single core is rapidly becoming the past. About 15 or so games take advantage of dualcore and more are coming online every month.