sempron 3100+ rounding 2.7Ghz

hello friends. It´s true. I´m now at 295 fsb completely stable , 1,475, relaxed ram timings so as not to interfere, and prime95 maximum power consumption test passing at 45ºC full load. 32ºC iddle. The only thing, is that i´m doing maximum voltage of htt chipset. I don´t know if this is not very good, or it just a collateral aspect of ocing this sempron.

the sempron is DH-E6 (according to cpu-Z 1.33.)

according to tests of sisoft sandra SR3, my scores are very close to FX-55 2.8Ghz and i have already beaten an FX-53 2.6Ghz 1M L2. it´s quite impressive this sempron. May be I´ll be able to go further. What do you think??

Is soon as i get the wall of this cpu, i´ll post my results and i suppose i will need your help to configure the ram. Thanks!!!!
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  1. I wouldn't say you have 'beaten' a FX-53 because of a couple of big differences. The FX-53 has 4 times the ammount of L2 cache your 3100+ has. Also, you have a 754 processor. All of the 754 CPU's run DDR in single channel mode. This simply means that the FX-53 has about twice as much memory bandwith to work with. That said, your OC isn't too bad at all :D
  2. No...I was kinda doubting the FX-53 was 2.6GHz, but I was too lazy to go look it up to verify what he said. I was simply saying there is more to performance than raw clock speeds.
  3. Right!! i was mistaken. FX-53 is 2.4Ghz. FX-55 is 2.6Ghz. This review is very nice to see how this sempron performs. Not only how it performs, but it only costed me 71 euros. which is 4 or 5 times cheaper than the processor 3800 which is compared to.

    More over,

    i´ve measured the performance of this cpu in sandra SR3 and both cpu test give the same result. this sempron aproaches FX-55.i´ll post some screenshots as soon as i mobo is a gigabyte G8ns. only 57 euros. so imagen the performance and price, and tell me if it´s good value.and as it is an E-core revision, i have sse3 and 64 bits instructions. It´s great!!!
  4. Excellent overclock. Excellent performance for price value.
  5. Very good overclocking there!!!
    If you throw hard tasks at your cpu and compare it to a FX-55, then the FX-55 will win because it has a lot more cache-memory.

    If you can afford it and want to invest in it, then I would suggest that you buy a watercooling solution for your computer. Maybe you can go over 3GHz then...
  6. Thats a nice overclock. The AM2 overclocks pretty well too.
    My sempron64 2.0 is at 2.4 on stock voltage and no temperature increase whatsoever. Im sure I could go higher but no plans to up voltage. Im 36c idel and 44c full load with stock cooler. :lol:
  7. Once he buys a water cooler for his sempron he removes the point of overclocking a budget processor.

    Good overclock and nice temperatures. Oh, and it is possible to blow your motherboard with high voltages. Check you got good case flow and use a temp monitoring program to see whether your motherboard is overheating.
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