laptop Device IRQ prob?

First post to this new board. I used to read here 4 years ago. Malleous Male stills raging? anyway..

8100 Dell laptop
P3-1 ghz 15" Uxga
512mb pc133 (cas 2 lat. i think)
60gb IGM travelstar 5400rpm drive.
Ess maestro 3i sound (***only 2 channel sound)
8x DVD/CDRW drive (fixed)
two bays with li-ion batteries (5hrs approx)
Advanced port replicator.(has 3c905c comp nic in it)
mini 56k/10/100 card (currently disabled in bios.)
Win XP pro

Now to a question.

*** Why are there 8 (eight) devices using IRQ 9 ! ****

Everything does load and sit quietly in device manager. But 3 of the 8 are used for online gaming. Those three are my network card (APR nic), My sound, and Video. followed by 1394 port, Acpi, PCMCia gear(1-controller and 2 slots), and the USB host controller.

I have messed with all of it. Trying to change IRQ assignments. but its greyed out in 'properties'.

So does that mean I need a new driver that releases control? Is there a reg hack to activate some of this crap? Dell have been no help...can't understand the question let alone formulate an answer for me.

Lastly, I will say that System is good. all except the audio. it is mediocre and sad to be included in a 5400.00CAD product. You cannot get true 5.1 surround,EAX/A3d sound. Not even 4 channel stereo. The ESS chip cant do it. All you get is a headphone jack 2ch.

The work around is a 1300.00CAD new PCMCIA card for 1300.00CAD Digigram Pocket440 which does allow full AC-3 and has 4channels out.
Extigy is the Creative SB solution. a 250.00CAD external Amplifier which acts as a receiver/soundcard. But I dont think its very USB i think.

The factory install of the disk was sketchy. I have a 60gb IBM 5400rpm model. So it is the fastest around I think. But they stuck it on the same IDE controller as the fixed optical drive. ibm+dvd on ide 1 (irq 14) nothing on IDE 2. So I disabled it since I want video to have its own irq.
But it aint going away. I flatened the install and redid it on a smaller change.

Is there virtual irq's or laptop special pci buses or something that I would never see in a desktop?

Am i correct there would some contention in a game with sound and video and nic on the same irq 9 ?
even if they get automatically handed off..that takes up some overhead doesn't it? That say, the IDE 2 or floppy controller doesnt have to deal with, having their own irq's

I do get some slight blips in games and wonder about all the IRQ's.

Any help/response is truely appreciated. I know I'm ignorant of something here.


Built my own systems for 14 yrs-even overclock when performance gain seemed worth it. Not with a laptop though. hehe. first dell and first laptop purchase...whew
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  1. There are many devices on IRQ 9 because of a new thing that is called ACPI (Advanced Configuration Power Interface). This new thing can map and use correctly up to 32 devices on any single free IRQ (providing they are 32-bit devices or better) there is nothing wrong with your system. If you open up device manager the first icon you see will display that you have an ACPI-Compliant system if you open the drop down option. Enjoy your gaming...
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