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can't find computers in network neighborhood

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April 6, 2001 5:13:12 AM

Hello network dudes. I have 3 computers, all assigned with IP addresses, 2 of them Winodws 98 and one Windows 2000. All are set with the same workgroup. All have computer names. But I can't find a single computer in the netwoek neighborhood window. I can use the ping program to ping computer names without problems, and I can network shared resources without problems as well. But I can't see any computers in the network neighborhood. What's wrong?

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April 6, 2001 1:50:49 PM

If I recall correctly on Win9x you need to enable File & Print Sharing on the PC or you cannot view the network neighborhood. You don't necessarily need to physically share resources, but you need to enable File & Print Sharing.
April 7, 2001 5:29:19 AM

The Windows 98 machines found each other but not the Windows 2000 machine... I need to know the Windows 2000 machine...

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April 7, 2001 6:15:34 AM

Do the 98 systems see the 2k system at all? Or can the 98 systems just not access anything on the 2k system?

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April 7, 2001 6:21:16 AM

They can access all shared resources in the w2k system, provided I have the same username in the connecting computer in this w2k computer. They can ping, they can resolve netbios names. They are simply not able to see the w2k machine. And the w2k machine couldn't even list any computers in teh Computers Near Me folder. Not even itself.

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April 7, 2001 6:37:30 AM

hey i solved the problem! If anyone would like to know how to fix this, make sure ALL machines have WINS server set to one server, in which my case the always on proxy server. Then you have to make sure your win98 machines are set to Client for Microsoft Networks. Then when everything restarts your computers are listed in the network neighborhood/computers near me! Olala! I guess my IQ is rally 147.

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