mp3 one for around $100

i've been looking into an mp3 player and i like the samsung yepp YP-Z32 ES 32MB.... but his particular mp3 players has been discontinued... can anybody recommend something that looks similar for around the same price... and maybe some cheap memory to upgrade to 64mb

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  1. I bought the Nomad JukeBox 6GB when it first came out. But now i've realized it's a big big, it's more a player to hook up to a Stereo and have tunes playing all day long.. but if your the kind of person who likes Walking around with it, or traveling i wouldn't recomend it.. It is a bit big, i want to get something really small that can hold a Decent amount of memory. But i usually listen to it in my i have it hooked up to my Stereo.

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  2. I bought the NAPA 8cm mini-cdr mp3 player. Not bad, but battery life is about 7 hours. Didn't like the expense of the memory stick types of players. Had the entry Intel one with 64mb built it and MMC card expansion, only 1 hour of tunes. With the 8cm CDR discs I can put about 3 hours of mp3 on the disc. And the player is resonably small. Cost about 92 including shipping. Comes with rechargeable batteries and a built in trickle charger.

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  3. Have you tried playing WMA's on it??

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  4. no I havn't, I don't think it supports WMA

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  5. Don't know much about other mp3 players, but I aquired a Nomad II and it's compact and has a decent battery life. I think other models have a recharging acessory. Add 128MB to the 64MB version and you have a decent amount of tune for working out or whatever.

  6. rassler,
    The Diamond RIO 600 MP3 Player Rio shatters the personal sound barrier with customizable features and high-end audio you simply cannot get anywhere else. Capture and playback up to 1 hour of digital-quality music from the Internet or your CD's. Go to my store link at and you can get it for about $99.

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  7. "Have you tried playing WMA's on it??"

    I've got a Rio Volt full cd size player that does WMA's. It is a little big for toting but not too bad. The instructions are horrible but it is not to tuff to figure out anyway.

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  9. lol, did you just go to his account and see every post he made and respond like this to them all? not that that's bad, it's a very good thing. I just hope you didn't look for them all the hard way :)

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