CPU: AMD or Pentium?

Hello! I'm from Russia. I am not good user and i need help! Ask me anybody why Pentium not good?
P.S. Sorry, i very bad speak on english. :roll:
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  1. pentium: too hot, low performance, expensive
    amd: low energy consumption, performance, not too expensive
  2. oh... i have p4 processsor and elitegroup motherboard. ATI Radeon 9600 pro and my computer not support this video card! Why?
    Do you have internet ICQ?
  3. If u r one of us mortals u dont wanna overclock because it
    a) voids warranty
    b) often requires a separate heatin solution

    So get AMD because it is more energy efficient and with slightly better performance. Generally if u r spendin on a gamin system focus on the graphics card. BTW I also come from Russia
  4. Current Pentium 4 design is high clock speed, low efficiency per clock cycle. Meaning that while it can perform several billions simple operations per second, complex operations or operations that switch context require many clock cycles to finish.

    AMD processors run at lower clock speeds than P4. But they can process complex operations with very few clock cycles and they are less affected by changing contexts.

    This is why in most applications a 2 GHz AMD performs better than a P4 at 2.8 GHz.

    Clear enough?
  5. I am not play in computer games. Usually i create web sites and forums for another people. Than i have money! =) I can play Counter strike, Lada racing club, La2, but i don't like games.
  6. what elitegroup board? why you say it's incompatible?
    dont have icq.. sorry
  7. Then go the AMD way - energy efficient, so less noise from the CPU fan if set up correctly.

    If you create fora (plural of forum), then you probably will be looking into Linux. AMD gives you 64-bit support for the same price (integrated in all their current cores) while only select, pricey P4 cores integrate it - and are less efficient in 64-bit mode.
  8. Мой комьютер не запускался с первого раза. Он начинал загружатся, вентиляторы крутились, а до жесткого диска сигнал видимо не доходил. Когда я поставил GeForce 6600 256mb GT, этой проблемы не стало. А перед этим, я еще разгонял компьютер, думал это из за разгона.
  9. My computer was not started from the first. It started to be loaded, fans turned, and the signal probably did not reach a hard disk. When I have put GeForce 6600 256mb GT, this problem did not become. And before it, I still dispersed a computer, thought it from for dispersal. :cry:
  10. There are compatibility problems between motherboards and some Ati graphic cards. Most of these troubles can be solved with a motherboard BIOS update.
  11. are you sure the 9600 is working? did you installed in another computer and it worked? Try a bios update like Mitch074 said
  12. I consider, that it because of a microcrack!
  13. that's what you'd call a graphics card fêlure... :p
  14. Allow me to correct some of your terminology:

    Intel - A company that manufactures processors such as the Pentium series.
    AMD - A company that manufactures processors such as the Athlon 64 series.

    It would be proper to say:
    "AMD or Intel?"
    "Athlon 64 or Pentium?"

    My preference based on current technology that is available through retail channels: AMD Athlon 64
  15. On other computers that video card work.

    Who speak on russian? :roll:
  16. Эти доски сообщения говорят на английском языке только. Вы можете хотеть пойти к доске сообщения говорите в вашем языке. В настоящее время, AMD имеет более лучшие обработчики на более лучших ценах за исключением двойных обработчиков сердечника, intel имеет более лучше оценивать в том рынке. Однако, много людей говорят ждать для того чтобы купить обработчики потому что intel приходит вне с обработчиком "Conroe" который пообещаны, что будет очень более лучше чем в настоящее время обработчики от AMD или Intel.
  17. Whil I don't happen to speak Russian, (and English is the only language I feel compitent enough to post in) I can say that there are some known "compatability issues" involving ATi cards. As suggested, if the Radeon doesn't work on your EliteGroup motherboard, yet it works in other systems, then perhaps a BIOS upgrade would be what's in order for that particular system.

    I won't ask why you'd switch from a GeForce 6600 series to a Radeon 9600 series, though. :P
  18. Thank you, what you answer my question on russian language.
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