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About to install windows 7 on an SSD as boot drive and programs/user folders on a hard drive. Does it make sense to have a primary partition on the hard drive being an image of the SSD so that I could boot from that partition in case of SSD failure? Thank you.
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  1. Why waste the space? Why not just make a backup image of the OS partition on the storage drive... something like Win7_backup.iso
  2. ^+1, Do not recommend puting on your SSD. If you lose your SSD, you may also lose the partion and therefore may not be able to access the image file.
    After you have completed your Install use the windows 7 Backup, under control panel.
    It will create a image of your C drive, just put it on either your internal HDD, or an External drive (DVDs or thumbdrive - => 16 gig). You can choice to create a repair DVD (Bootable) disk, or use your Win 7 installation disk to repair/fix/re-image your C: drive.
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    1. SSD for O/S
    2. HDD for user folder and swapfile
    3. USB Pendrive for backup of SSD O/S, do this after you have setup the machine with all the latest updates. Including other software would just waste time and space as they no doubt will be out of date by the time you come to recover.

    When you do recover, repeat step 3.

    Best thing about doing it this way, as long as the hdd stays healthy, your recovery will always have the user folders and swapfile already setup.
  4. Just redo image when you add new programs to the C drive, If on thumbdrive first delete old image file.
  5. Thank you all - very helpful!
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